With this I petition, his parents came to the United States and became green card holders. Me and my husband are super excited! As some of you know, priority dates for Philippine nationals under the family-based immigration category F4 are more retrogressed than other countries. Please read our compiled reviews from the internet, from Google to AVVO, on what our clients have said about our firm. I am including a copy of my mothers old I which was approved on April 2 that my grandfather that filed it for her who was a U.

H-1B petitions for employment in specialty occupations, from computer analysts, engineers, nurse managers, accountants, architects, doctors, feel free to contact us. Our client was the beneficiary of a petition before January 14, as a derivative beneficiary of the F-4 petition filed by her uncle to her father on December 29, , and thus was eligible to adjust under INA Section i despite her overstay, without any need to show physical presence in the United States in December 14, They have to prove physical presence in December The Bach memorandum specifies that even if she is aged out, our client is still considered a beneficiary for purposes of adjudication under INA section i. Basically in order to qualify for i the principal must meet the physical presence, not the derivative.

Our client is from Mexico who came to the U. Our client retained us on December 1, One of the fastest and most common immigration cases are those based on marriage to a US Citizen.


245i cover letter

Our Filipino client came to the U. Our client retained us on May 26, The interview went well, and her adjustment of status application was approved on November 1, While the I petition was pending, our office filed their I adjustment of status applications under the i category for our client on June 1, Currently, she resides in Illinois with her husband and daughter.

The spouse or child of a grandfathered alien is also grandfathered for i purposes. If this new I is approved with a November priority date, our client would be eligible to adjust under i since the priority date is current and the petition was filed before January On April 28,our office initially filed I petition for our client.

Those old documents should do.

245(I) question “grandfathered derivate beneficiary alien”

Basically in order lettdr qualify for i the principal must meet the physical presence, not the derivative. Otherwise you can do a FOIA for her, to get a copy of her entire A file and use whatever she used to adjust under i.

The interview went well; however, the priority date retrogressed before her adjustment of status applicant was approved. Our client contacted us around July of for consultation and sought legal assistance for his adjustment of status. Our Mexican client came to the U.

Prior to retaining our firm, her U. Originally Posted by Demise.

Washington Our Filipino client came to the U. In our brief in support, our office argued that our client is the beneficiary of an approved I petition filed before January 14,by virtue of the I filed for her coveg in including her as a derivative when she was only 13 years old. When the I was filed, letetr client was only 13 years old which made her a derivative beneficiary. Also, you need to prove your mother’s presence in US on December 21, letyer Kentucky Our client is from India who came to the U.


Our client retained us on October 14, On December 21,Congress extended the qualifying date for Section i benefits to April 30, It was a gray area argument but our client was willing to go forth with it.

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Find all posts by Demise. Originally Posted by Venus Thanks for replying! Anchorage, Alaska Our Filipina client came to the U. For an alien to independently qualify for adjustment of status under section i of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.

245i cover letter

There was another precedent before this, however this ruling just affirmed it. Our client retained us on July 29, Last edited by Venus; at She has remained in the United States, and she currently resides in Alaska.