And during the interviews when you are trying to feel someone out, what sort of questions do you ask them? What are you doing? The best are everywhere. It’s hard to tell if someone’s good at customer service because their work isn’t public most of the time and it may not ever be public. Programming is a design job.

One of the good things is just to ask is what did you do yesterday? I think many people are missing the point: Any drop-out or under-achieving graduate who ever took a creative writing class in college could wow you just as effectively with a less than qualified resume. For a while, that is all I owned. I wouldn’t have pointed it out otherwise.

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I know the people I want to hire are already doing this job for fun. It’s not the only thing to do, but there’s literally no downside to putting an effort in. Gwyn ap Harri on 17 Dec In this case since it was a design position I can understand why they want someone wacky and zany and original, but if I saw this behavior in a programmer applicant I would figure they had forgotten to take their meds that morning.

I can say I’m using Skype. Wait, why am I talking about hiring? And then if someone does get past 37dignals stage and you are interviewing someone, what is the typical interview with 37signals going to be like for a person?

Trevor Turk Programmer was working as a contractor during a short stint in London when he came across a programmer job posting on our blog. Their application is one thing that is considered along with dozens of other things.


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Shaun Hildner Video Producer was quick to shoot an email to Jason after seeing him tweet that 37signals was looking for a video producer. Forrest on 02 Jun So, it’s more just getting the vibe like when you just hear somebody talk for 15 minutes, you Because when we now have to hire for other roles, say customer support or we look for a data person or we look for an office manager or some of these other things that aren’t 37sigbals part of our audience, we actually have to do what “normal” companies have to do when they have to hire — which is hard.

A resume or cover letter will not do it alone. It is that easy. I’m looking for a cover letter that was written for us. Noise posts after updating his RSS reader.

37signals cover letter

I’m a designer splitting my time between making and marketing Basecamp. The names and logos for BasecampHighriseand 37signals are registered trademarks of 37signalsLLC.

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Make bad choices, and they’ll bring you down. He’s right about that. So, for support, when we brought people in, we had them go out to lunch with the support team and just so, the support team can have some feedback on whether or not they like this particular person and if they felt like 37isgnals all got along, things like that.


What are you doing? When you get a cover letter, what are you looking for there? Then, perhaps I’m biased — I was ckver told that it was my cover letter that got me my current job and no, I don’t work at 37signals. Limits force you to come 37sitnals with creative, elegant solutions.

And, it feels like a small thing, and it was a small thing actually compared to how much other shit that was wrong with these applications. Redesign the Verizon Wireless homepage.

Sites that landed jobs at 37signals

Randy on 01 Jun Getting a job isn’t about doing all the right things, but doing the least amount of wrong things. What we do look at are cover letters. A good cover letter does tell me if the individual is can at least communicate in writing.

It’s up to you to find them. All I want is some indication that someone has read the posting, and that they comprehend what we’re looking for.

There could be a reasonable split. Arik Jones on 01 Jun It’s an indulgence we’ve never allowed ourselves.