If you or anyone else has someone in mind for me to interview email Patsy at jslassist gmail. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I would love to hear from people who have gone through this process how you set up some sort of agreement with whoever you bring on-board in such a project, so that from the beginning misunderstandings are avoided and everyone gets what they deserve and are happy in the end. Is this helpful, and would you like more of these posts? We also considered rings that could be attached in a door way frame for doing pull-ups, like gymnastic rings for home-based workouts. Thanks, — Bryce Like Like. The reason people keep coming back is your amazing free content that supports you paid books.

Sorry, no major tipping point moments for us. But you also referred to protein shake use. I can suggest wine country in California not for the wine like St. In addition to Google searches, we took each shampoo product that we studied during our product development and looked for clues as to where it was manufactured whether it was made in-house or outsourced. I know it will happen somehow! They were expensive to remove, as well. Here’s a very partial list:

If I am feeling inspired I work to change the website, add new content, send out direct mail, etc.

These are the most helpful of your articles young mister Ferris. Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation! Many of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, poker players, and artists are part of the book. All of these involve physical products.

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Having a decent looking website with good product descriptions and photos was critical, as well. They have a number of podcasts stretching back a few years. One question regarding the first case study: Your book changed my life, and case studies like these highlight how you have helped to change the lives of others and the world in the process. We 4hwww also been approached by other sites looking to add our product, but are cautious to protect our margins 4HWW.


4hww muse case study

In addition to Google searches, we took each shampoo product that we studied during our product development and looked for clues as to where it was manufactured whether it was made in-house or outsourced. I have a rather big idea but have little-no idea how to go about it. Like the above poster, I would like to see an muse case study about an information product, as your book mentions that this is possible muse with minimal initial resources necessary with potential for a great impact.

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Also, for some suppliers, they replied by email when they received my paper letter even though my email was received by them two weeks prior. They were not searching for what we had to sell. Found it extra fascinating that all of these case studies are physical products, and basically new inventions. Hey Brandon, Thanks for being so forthcoming with your profit figures- and congrats on your success!

This is the bit that is totally mystical to me!

4hww muse case study

I started a blog just under a year ago with two goals in mind: Interesting to see how much revenue is being generated per month, but margin is more important. Dale, thank you so much for your candor and willingness to share everything you did in this interview.

Very helpful as I am in the middle of 4HWW. When I use adwords to look up search volume for the obvious keyphrases on these muses though eg mixed martial arts bag,mma bag,music teacher software — all broadmatched Google tells me that they 4haw basically zero clicks a day. Then I asked them to demonstrate that they could create what I wanted through mock ups, and further narrowed the list to about five.


Cheers Dan Like Like. They were expensive to remove, as well. My suggestion for first-timers would be to go out and tour the operation if you live nearby and get 4hws know the owner. I ordered products from them to see what kind of packaging they came in, how long they took to arrive, and to determine the quality of the kits.

Muse Examples

Hey Tim, I notice that you have had a few of these posts that refer back to your teaching in the 4HWW. The biggest marketing lesson I learned was: Perhaps a pivot into the speech business.

For the time being there is no money in the project whatsoever, we still need to make a prototype to make sure we can make this work, but of course it is fair to pay a fee for his professional services if he requires so. Most USA firms are typically slovenly, unresponsive, and ignorant about Japanese consumers or exporting in general.

Engineering a “Muse” – Volume 3: Case Studies of Successful Cash-Flow Businesses

Otherwise, I would totally volunteer to be a case study. I had a friend design the site paid gig.

Are they profitable at all? Great article, was a little shock how long these businesses took to generate good revenue.