Topics Access to university. Applying Applying to Cambridge can be pretty daunting – most Cambridge students never thought they were going to get in. Other types of work experience can also be very valuable to an application, even if at first glance they appear less impressive. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Find a Course Offered in small class sizes with great emphasis on the demands of the specification and exam technique. Consider the key skills required for undergraduate success against the work you have done and, when it comes to writing your personal statement or explaining more at interview, you will be able to explain the relevant attributes you have through concrete examples.

Students are strongly advised to attend Open Days to learn more about all of the universities they are considering, where this is feasible. The Know How Library is an easily searchable library of s of expert guides for both students and teachers, covering every aspect of the progression process. A way to demonstrate this to admissions tutors is by reading beyond the A level syllabus. Sit AS examinations, or internal end of year 12 examinations. Do your research before you go and make sure you prepare thoroughly.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: How have my experiences expanded my enthusiasm for my subject? Attend Oxford and Cambridge Open Days, decide where to apply.

Last minute advice on the SAQ – don’t forget the deadline on 22nd October!

Your UCAS application is your first chance to impress Oxford or Cambridge and, unless you get it right, it might be your last. Only your friends should be able to see your profile, wall and photos.

additional personal statement for cambridge saq

There is an another personal statement in the SAQ – an additional form you have to fill in if you apply to Cambridge.

View all posts by Dan. The Cambridge university website is very good on how to and how not to pick a college. Students who intend to progress directly to university after school or apply for deferred entry will need to attend an Open Day in the summer of year 12, allowing them to make a decision about where to apply in advance of the UCAS deadline in October.


Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cannot tell whether a student has written any of it. Choosing your subject in advance of starting your university application allows you to maximise your preparation, for example by reading a large amount of relevant literature or gaining appropriate work experience.

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What is the Cambridge SAQ?

However, nobody except other university admissions tutors knows how common using social media to check up on students really is.

Added to cart Stateemnt Cart. There are many extremely strong universities in the UK and you may have applied to these in addition to Oxbridge.

For more details about the Cambridge tests, visit this page. Your tutors can point you in the direction of accessible textbooks and it might also be worth subscribing to a relevant publication such as the Economist or the Lawyer or seeing if your school library has addiitonal subscription. She was applying for a place at Cambridge University to study history.

Year 12, January two years months before you intend to begin university Do: Home University Guides Getting Into Dr Richard Barnes was criticised in the press for the admission. These are two cambrdge the best universities in the czmbridge, with an international reputation for academic excellence, so it only makes sense that winning a place to study there will be a comprehensive and competitive process. By this stage in your application, you have been working towards Oxbridge for nearly three years but the wait is nearly over and in January, the universities will announce their decisions.


additional personal statement for cambridge saq

Year 12, January onwards two years before you intend to begin university Do: The official Cambridge website has some excellent information on interviews http: A student can use this to outline specific aspects of the Cambridge course which appeal to them and anything else which they may not have been able to include in their main UCAS personal statement. Applicants to Oxford will not have to complete an SAQ, so they may wish to include the elements of the course that appeal to them in their main Personal Statement.

As with the pre-interview tests, there are often past papers online or guidelines about what to expect. Applying to Cambridge can be pretty daunting – most Cambridge students never thought they were going to get in. Jane, who does not want to give her full name, said: Do your research before you go and make sure you prepare thoroughly.

What is the Cambridge SAQ? – Open Oxbridge

The reason for this vast hyperbole is because of the…. Encourage your students to talk through the process that led them to discover a certain historical interpretation or scientific paper in order to demonstrate a thoughtful approach to their studies.

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