Religious Language Speaking about God Part 1. Thomas Aquinas AD Italian priest, philosopher. Links to A2 topic religious language and verification. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. What about events such as Our Lady of Fatima links to A2 religious experience , when thousands of witnesses claimed to have seen the same peculiar solar activity? Make connections with A2 topic unbelief and atheism.

Ayer Thomas Aquinas Ludwig Wittgenstein. Neither do experiences of morals show that there is such a thing as moral knowledge i. You should be able to explain what mysticism is and consider why Ayer views it as he does. Yet, because God is perfect, we have his qualities in a lesser proportion. Context Having set out his main argument in the first four paragraphs that religious language is meaningless, Ayer here attempts to show that his views connect with the claims of theists people who believe in God.

Ayer then goes on to contrast this position with more typical forms of atheism and agnosticism, and elaborates how ideas and so-called experiences of God are unintelligible. Download ppt “Religious Language.

A.J Ayers ‘God- talk is evidently nonsense’ Essay

Any claim made about God including Atheistic. Plain English Paraphrase If God is made equivalent evidrntly natural objects, then this language might mean something.

This links in with your A2 religious experience topic. This links to A2 religious language. Which examples could we give? What about events such as Our Lady of Fatima links to A2 religious experiencewhen thousands of witnesses claimed to have seen the same peculiar solar activity? Secondary Points The passage is primarily concerned with unbelief and religious language. He gives the example of toys which come tal of their cupboard at night and dance around, then returning without a trace.


The claim that a statement is only meaningful if it can be verified analytically or synthetically cannot itself be verified analytically or synthetically.

aj ayer god talk is evidently nonsense essay

So, he was less concerned with the truth or falsity of language contrast the Logical Positivists. Yet, there has to be a reasonable similarity, or we would not recognise dogs as faithful.

Yet, the opposite point has also long been recognised: Are there any problems associated with this view? Instead of checking every bit of knowledge with our logic or senses, he suggested that fssay might know things by setting up sensible standards for evidence — eye-witness accounts, multiple sources, etc. To make an analogy a comparisonwe would be saying that God is not just like us, but nor is he nothing like us and our world.

This may mean that we cannot define God, and the idea of God cannot be fully known.

He justifies this by observing that theists readily admit that God cannot be fully described. Might Swinburne have something to say in defence of mystics, against Ayer?

You would also have to discuss further the implications of these views for religion and human experience see essay frame.

A.J Ayers ‘God- talk is evidently nonsense’ Essay – Document in A Level and IB Religious Studies

In the next paragraph, Ayer will move on to consider and dismiss the possibility of a non-empirical or super-empirical God. Is this really nonsense? Humans can be faithful to each other, in speech and behaviour, and so on. Black cat, black hat, black mat: Meaningful language has to be incorporated into a system of science. To understand this theory, though, we must realise that it works within theism.


His views can be contrasted with more familiar forms of atheism. A blik is a non-rational belief which could never be falsified disproved.

aj ayer god talk is evidently nonsense essay

Again, this ties to the A2 religious language topic. What are the implications of dismissing metaphysical nonsenze If someone were to ask what the meaning of a great work of art is, we could give them a paraphrase. Aquinas thought that we could gain understanding of God by considering his role as creator.

A.J. Ayer – ‘God-talk is evidently nonsense’ – Mindmap in A Level and IB Religious Studies

However, theists may point to the idea of perfection, which cannot in the case of God be known simply or empirically. Why does Ayer think that mysticism is non-cognitive? The world has goodness only in a secondary respect. Ayer had to distinguish between the strong and weak principles because he realised that hardly anything can be really verified in the strict sense.