As we conversated, I hear him advocating for the privatisation of schools as that will increase competition and that free-market always works – right , and when I looked at his Facebook page, he “liked” Ayn Rand. The guy who invented Instagram was international too but today he is rich. Whom will u ask advise if you want to be a successful dr? Then he called me and asked how my Thanksgiving was? And after that, those affiliates will enrol more affiliates and a part of their commission would go into your account automatically. The diamonds are still living off the tool scam.

I have seen this from close quarters, among friends and within the family. There is nothing to suggest that Amway IBO’s have a lower divorce rate than any other group of people. I am not anonymous because I want to prove to you that the business is genuine and it is working for me. Nothing is wrong in it. Maybe you’d like to give us a link showing how many scientists they have as well as proving that the president and NASA scientists got sucked into Amway. I am a college student and was messaged on LinkedIn. She said I could earn money and pay off my college debt.

010 Business Plan Amway

I have the privilege to discover and partner with Amway corp and I am thankful because at this time, my business is generating more income than my job as a Lending Manager in a big bank.

He asked me what I was studying and he seemed like a very nice guy, I replied computer engineering and he said he was also in the tech industry.

amway india bww business plan

Also stated that I could earn some extra cash on the side. After the whole thing, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was being brainwashed to join a cult. Now you can understand that whether a billion dollar company is interested in India or not? This tool away for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. I am telling my “mentor” I not interested.


Is the Amway business really successful? If they did, iam sure they will not be sucessfull in thiz biz and BWW never recommends convencing others with lies and make them saty in biz.

Success does’nt comes easily We had a brief phone call we had a one on one meeting before I was invited to a Seminar at a hotel. I’m sure there are some new diamonds but I don’t think there are many of them.

004 Amway Business Plan India

Which he replied “I know Paln not giving specific detail, and that’s for reasons that will become clear later. I told my boyfriend my honest thoughts about it and I am not going to go into too much detail of our exact conversation but at the end of it I said “Do you research tomorrow at work.

I have seen people who started after their sponsors or recruiters in Amway advance faster than the person who brought them in. I do not know how this works in Android Old friend aside, your experiences seem to be creepingly similar, if not almost exactly identical, to the experiences I wrote above.

This business is for hard workers who can sell not for idlers.

I am planning to join Amway business for my future. How is Amway’s future in India? – Quora

Seeing 18 years olds with retirement balloons and all of these speeches. I did insurance work before and I have seen agents mislead clients and I know of agent who did exactly what indoa industry is designed to do, protect people financial security and family. He also stressed the fact that they were ‘partners with Apple’. In Amway you plant thousands of seeds for little fruit. Amway is for people who want something different in life?


You can do it too by joining this life changing opportunity.

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I am doing my sixth month. Bill Britt never felt like working in this orgnization, every britt leader is happy to serve others. It might be the opposite with BWW creating the most bankrupt people in the world. Here is the person’s profile and email just so you can avoid them: In response to my very long comment from March 27th and in response to the anonymous writer of my comment But that’s just my opinion anyone who thinks and who says he is earning lots of inddia through inida best of luck.

Instead they gave me all vague stuff first sign where you have to wake up.

amway india bww business plan

Not that such descent up standing people such as yourself would ever do that. I am gathering evidence to report to FTC about this.

Anecdotal stories are nice but very unconvincing. I would personally advice you, not to fall into their pits and scams and do you due diligence before signing up on any of the schemes and jobs you face in your life, now and in future. So, thanks again for having the “hutzpa” to keep it real, give back and confirming my instinct that this qualifies as a “BS” SCAM!!

amway india bww business plan