Both the drugs act in both the ways and balance bone remodeling and hence can prevent bone loss and help in increasing the the bone density. In cancer, menaquinone intake has been shown to reduce overall incidence and mortality. There are 2 naturally occurring forms of vitamin K: Our Other Journals 1. Effect of therapy on Asthikshayatmaka Lakshana Effect on pain Acharya Sushruta said that pain is the cardinal symptom of vitiated Vata Dosha. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. Ibidem Charaka Samhita 8 Sneha Adhyaya.

With aging, there are changes seen in the microarchitecture of bone. Reviewing all the available literature related to Asthidhatu and Majja Dhatu , the final diagnosis of the disease was given as Asthisaushirya. Osteoporosis is a systemic disorder that affects entire skeleton, which is a metabolic bone disease characterized by low bone mass and microarchitectural deterioration of the skeleton, leading to enhanced bone fragility and a consequent increase in fracture risk. Vitamin D Vitamin D is essential for the formation and maintenance of bone tissue, through its regulation of calcium and phosphorous absorption from the intestines into the bloodstream and numerous other metabolic effects. All the signs and symptoms were given scoring depending upon their severity to assess the effect of the treatment objectively. The best food sources of calcium are milk and other dairy, whole grains, beans, almonds and other nuts, and dark green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach, collard greens and swiss chard.

The Ayurvedic Approach to Osteoporosis (Asthi-Majja Kashaya)

This is the kshayya line of treatment of any disease and it is most important line of treatment for Asthi kshaya also. Shodhana therapies are procedures by which the aggravated doshas or the accumulated improperly digested products of digestion in the tissues are eliminated after loosening and mobilizing them from their respective sites.

Majja Basti was administered for 16 days as a Matra Basti with 60 ml buffalo Majja bone marrow of buffalo along with Asthi Shrinkhala pulp powder filled in capsule mgtwo capsules three times daily for 3 months with milk. There is no exact clinical entity mentioned in classics, like osteoporosis, but there are two conditions mentioned in Ayurveda which may be discussed in this regard. Out of 12 patients of osteoporosis selected Asthi—Majjakshaya Conclusion From the above study, it is observed that effects of Thssis Basti along with Asthi Shrinkhala are encouraging in the management of osteoporosis Asthi-Majjakshaya and it also improves the general lshaya of the patients.


The same rule applies to decrease as well. Hence, an imbalance of Tridosa is seen. However, many exercises address multiple sites simultaneously e.

asthi kshaya thesis

When factors such as advancing age, low BMI, lack of weight-bearing exercise, excessive alcohol and soft drink consumption, smoking, etc. Journal List Ayu v. With aging, there are changes seen in the microarchitecture of bone. Subjective parameters Shoola Pain Kzhaya 0 — No pain Grade 1 — Mild pain Grade 2 — Discomforting pain Grade 3 — Distressing pain Grade 4 — Horrible Sparshasahyata Tenderness Grade 0 — No tenderness Grade 1 — Mild tenderness without any sudden response on pressure Grade 2 — Wincing of face on pressure Grade 3 — Wincing of face and withdrawal of the affected part on pressure Grade ksyaya — Resist touch due to tenderness Dourbalya General debility Grade 0 — No Dourbalya Grade 1 — Not able to perform strenuous activity Grade 2 — Not able to perform moderate thessi Grade 3 — Cannot perform moderate activity but can perform mild activity without any difficulty Grade 4 — Even mild activities cannot be performed Total score: User Username Password Remember me.

Therefore, Vitamin K deficiency jshaya rare.

asthi kshaya thesis

Provocation of Vata caused by Apatarpan is due to taking diet and Vihara living habits which vitiate Vata or due to Jarajanya old age. Prevention of Asthisaushirya should be commenced at the level of Ishayawhich is precursor of Asthisaushirya bone porosity.

Yoga vasti — Total of 8 enemas: Stay away from this. In Ayurveda, management of any disorder is divided into essential three parts: Apathya diet such as bitter, pungent, astringent taste dominant substances; dry, cold, light, etc. In addition, many women refuse hormone therapy due to other known or perceived adverse effects.


Calcitriol is 10 times more potent than vitamin D3. WHO criteria for assessing osteoporosis. Vitiation of Vata and deterioration of all Dhatu is a natural phenomenon occur in old age.

Here is what is said: This causes majja dhatu marrow tissue to be of inferior quality and quantity. In the present study, two patients had associated complaints of chronic neck pain and stiffness; who were using cervical collar for a prolonged time.

Bones grow in size during the first two decades of life, with acceleration during adolescence. Discussion Vitiation of Vata and deterioration of all Dhatu is a natural phenomenon occur in old age.

asthi kshaya thesis

Gambhira Dhatu bone and marrow are deep-seated tissuesSvabhava Balapravritta Vyadhi it is a natural phenomenon due to old age and Bhedawastha if not prevented in early life it easily reaches the complicated stage of pathogenesis.

This is a universal phenomenon, occurring in both sexes and in all races. But decrease is not so remarkable as compared to osteoporosis. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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Moreover, there is another condition termed as thesus, which is a pre-stage prodromal symptom of osteoporosis in which there is also decrease in the bone mineral density. Dietary vitamin D appears to be most effective as a therapy for osteoporosis when combined with dietary calcium. By the result it is noted that Muktashukti is Gunasamanya Sthira, Sthula, Katina, and Sandragunas to Asthi thus increases Asthi in Asthikshaya with improvement in Kesha hair fallNakha breakage of nails Dantashadana loosening of teethShrama tiredness and Asthitoda pain in thesiis area and statistically significant.