Sponsorship of the London Paralympics by Atos has led to a growing protest movement largely because of the number of suicides, which impartial Inquest juries in the UK have attributed to harassing and distressing techniques they use when ‘assessing’ people on disability benefits. Vienna City Council needed a new way to deliver a better service, higher quality care and more transparency while cutting costs and minimizing bureaucracy. Copy-pasting a dense paragraph of statistics from the body of the article doesn’t fulfill that purpose. Number of Memberships 3. Or in any other European countries? No further edits should be made to this section. It works with clients across the following market sectors:

Number of Memberships 3. Please remove from intro, because Atos Heathcare does have its own strongly indicated section further down on the page. But an incumbent supplier who provided childcare vouchers under the previous scheme challenged and said there should have been a new competition. Maybe someone can add reliable secondary sources that show this is a widespread complaint and valid for its own section? For all these reasons, I think that a summary and a link are more than enough in this article. About Atos Origin “Atos Origin, an international IT services provider, enables customers to translate their vision into results through consulting, systems integration and managed operations. An employee of Atos Origin was found to have lost a USB thumb stick containg highly sensitive user information and source code for the UK governments Gateway system.

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Maybe adding some of the salient facts,for example the date Atos was founded and its various trading names, would be beneficial. Czse even have doubts about the whole SME imperative. Atos Origin realizes an annual turnover of 5.


atos ns&i case study

After going through several courts, with Edenred the challenger casee at each stage, the Supreme Court finally confirmed that and decided otherwise. And Elaine Christian, 57, of Hull, who according to reports of an inquest in July, was worried about a meeting to assess her disability benefits. I’ve added a ” original research?

Using Big Data for Real Time Incident Response Management The City of Eindhoven is aimed to manage a street in the center of town – Stratumseind – the longest and most vibrant street in afos Netherlands with more than 50 bars and nightclubs.

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For all these reasons, I think that a summary and a link are more than enough in this article. It also offers data and transaction processing services, website hosting, na&i outsourced services for such functions as customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning. Another 10 benefit-cuts related suicides are: The following Wikipedia contributors may be personally or professionally connected to the subject of the article. Birmingham needed a solution that can solve the following problems: This means that all other companies of atos should be mentioned in the intro.

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The Taxpayer’s burden was further relieved in Marchwhen Vicky Harrison, a year-old, took her life with a massive overdose of drugs in Darwen, Lancashire.


Company has changed name legally as well as for branding purposes. Please take a moment to review my edit. The Atos Healthcare entry under Controversy seems to have been thoroughly sanitised. Then, there are the disabled suicides,such as Paul Willcoxson, 33, of Corby, Northants, who according to his suicide note, was worried about benefit cuts when he hung himself in April.

Maybe there are some better sources available than the press release?

There is covering a legitimate topic and there is blatantly one-sided soapboxing. Copy of section “Atos is currently No. Please remove from intro, because Atos Heathcare does have its own strongly indicated section further down on the page.

atos ns&i case study

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NS&I Give Atos £M Contract Without Competition Spend Matters UK/Europe

But no, the contract was handed over, without competition, to Atos. Obviously, during the process the current content on the subject will need to be cleaned up and properly sourced. But the government could have chosen a different way of sourcing the requirement, one that might have been more supportive to smaller, local, British firms.

atos ns&i case study

Company articles needing attention Infobox: Changes are executed and citations added. Atos are based in France, their entire Stos Committee are French, and the firm is quoted on the French stock market.