It has moved its infrastructure from local data centers and now hosts all its games on AWS. BurdaStudios delivers news 75 percent faster by using AWS technologies, supporting its leading celebrity website. Hiree is a Bangalore-based web portal with a focus on expediting the hiring process and helping jobseekers find get offers fast. Alert Logic is a cloud-security provider based in Houston, Texas. The company is a leading travel and tourism operator in Taiwan.

BrightRoll is an independent video ad technology platform for digital video advertising across the web, mobile devices, and connected TV. The startup moved its operations to AWS early on to provide the robust computing power and speed it needed to present proofs of concept to its clients. ASI , a financial services provider, needed high-powered computing to run financial simulations to value and manage insurance retirement products. The firm runs its ad server and analytics platforms in the AWS cloud. Decisyon develops a wide array of platforms that help customers unify business and operational applications for better decision making. Instructure runs testing and production workloads for Canvas on AWS.

The company built its new vulnerability and configuration management solution, Cloud Insight, on AWS. By using AWS, amaysim has been able to sustain its growth with a operations team, it has achieved availability of up to AirAsia is Asia’s leading low-cost airline with it’s regional headquarters based in Malaysia. Echo provides an active learning platform that schools and students can use on-campus or as a distance-learning application.

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Using AWS, Pacific Life can quickly scale its compute capacity with less cost and IT overhead compared to adding new hardware to its own data centers. When NDN was building its disruptive content model, it chose AWS for its content delivery platform to leverage its scalability and predictable costs.

The company offers a computational genomics software platform that clinical labs use bankknter rapidly and accurately process and analyze genomic data. More important, we have the ability to run simulations caae were not possible before due to the large amount of infrastructure required. The company runs on AWS to ensure that it can scale up to accommodate the needs of its users, who require high availability and high the needs of its users, who require high availability and high throughput for the business analytics and modeling they perform.


It turned to AWS to run its platform, achieving Using Amazon Polly, Amazing Fables has added a new dimension to storytelling by integrating text-to-speech for video books in 10 languages. When the OVF decided to expand its services to voters living in the US, the company launched the US Vote Foundation, which offers services including voter registration and absentee ballot requests.

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The firm is running its web services, software development kit, and databases in AWS. AWS also enables Ocado to integrate data from hundreds of xws into a data lake that powers AI capabilities across the infrastructure.

The company uses AWS to build and distribute its games to an international audience as well as run its analytics platform. Civis Analytics creates technologies that empower companies and organizations to extract valuable insights from the data they generate, transforming them into smarter organizations. Infraware is a software development company that makes Polaris Office, a free mobile application that lets users read, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents on desktops and mobile devices.

Using AWS, Aire took its app to market fast, while ensuring it had the security and availability to get people access to fair baniknter in a cost-effective way. The company uses Amazon EC2 Container Service to manage a microservices -based architecture for its applications. By using AWS for its compute, database, load balancing, and networking needs, EigenRisk has reduced its time to market and can scale up as its growth requires.

aws case study bankinter

The company designed its service on AWS in order to provide customers with a pay-as-you-go model. As a result, Lenddo can scale to banjinter routine calculations involving millions of social data points in minutes while reducing monthly IT spend by 40 percent. After successfully migrating its customer-facing websites to AWS, the company moved its internal finance application to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.


LabSlice uses Amazon EC2 to help businesses create demos, product evaluations, and training environments. By using the AWS Cloud, Adobe can focus on delivering its software products without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

By running on AWS, Browan has reduced time to market by eight weeks and can spin up new servers in minutes instead of waiting weeks for hardware.

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The company uses AWS to transcode, store and deliver the video content available on its platform to customers located around the world. The company uses AWS for storage aqs to host its website and application bankiinter for its robots. Startup polljoy aims to improve ratings for mobile applications in app marketplaces.

Amazon EC2 also allowed Bankinter to adapt from a big batch process to a parallel paradigm, which was not previously possible. By using the AWS Storage Gateway, NEWLOG was able to implement backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect and store critical data while saving approximately 30 percent in infrastructure costs over a three-year period.

PocketMath offers a mobile, self-serve platform that processes orders for mobile advertising. By building its competitive intelligence database on AWS, the company can index billions of documents daily, use APIs to automate operations, and wws to customer data requests in hours instead of months.

aws case study bankinter

By using AWS, Azim Premji Foundation is confident that it acse double its user base to 10, people within the next few years. The company built its new vulnerability and configuration management solution, Cloud Insight, on AWS. Kenshoo is a global software company that makes products that empower businesses to build brands and generate demand across marketing channels.