Sorry, guys, my old boss got a letter so i guess we’ll just have to cease and desist. I tested anonymity first I have worked at Axact for a very few months before moving abroad. The organization providing it to me for a fee can not be blamed. Just say what you’re thinking instead of what you think someone else is thinking, if you want to talk about it. Therefore kindly share your requirements so that we proceed further.

This is horrifying, but also brilliant. Even this guy looks like a Pakistani or Indian because he doesn’t have. It would outsource its printing of cheque books to some other company around the world. Is Axact a fraud company? Looking to make some money?

Axact salary system is based on layers is quite transparent. Takes time away from real writing but also gets you stuck on a not-so-great local maxima. What’s my immediate, emotional response to the.

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Are are really educated? I am a former employee of Axact; worked there for 2 years, sadly, and left, luckily.

axact essay writing

Are they nember of P sha pak Software association? Weiting am looking to Hire Work. And no i never have nor ever would have encouraged anyone to work there.

axact essay writing

Downside, of course, is the Times runs an expose on my phoney baloney college and, welp, which is why I haven’t.

Research and Development is reportedly run under Umaima Jalal and Umair Haroon, who hire people on luxurious salary packages. Set your budget and timeframe.

Read about the British Creative Writing graduates who are getting noticed for their short stories. If you write, publish, speak, etc. The list of courses these qxact are working on for students along with the names of the universities and account details is available with Pakistan Today.


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The department has about employees who are initially trained for a month to write thesis, assignments and projects for students enrolled in universities. Does Axact provide essay writing? There are plenty of legitimate, accredited universities that can give a legitimate degree online such as, Old Dominion, or seeking a master’s, Georgia Tech. I’ve always felt the real work involved axwct good writing isn’t in managing to write essaj of potential interest; it is in.

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A fresh non experienced graduate is usually hired at D3, and an individual with 3 years of experience is hired at C7 usually. These are the key sales agents who were responsible for coming up with new strategies for online business sales. Over three years of hearings, his only appearance was in a video deposition from a dimly lit room in Karachi, during which he was barely identifiable.

They started out with an IT company and no one thought much about them and then literally, as if overnight success had greeted them, they were suddenly the largest IT company in Pakistan in revenue.

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Citibank Pakistan used to provide gateway for authorized commerce service providers Cybernet, ECXS in the past but they have stopped that se Perhaps that was a naive question, but it’s also not obvious exactly how or why the company seems to be evading any concrete consequences of committing a massive fraud operation. This is a corporate war and targetting indiviual employees, especially females, reflects low mentality of the author.


Else batool lives in a on Karsaz which is shady and dark at this time. Well researched and it also makes you ask the questions below.

Malik i dont think kamran khan would know about fraud but axact shady image we all knew. Why don’t they have any negative employee reviews?

Axact wasn’t just selling fake degrees!

After the month-long training, they were given certificates of being trained as Axact Research Professionals. It sort of lends some plausibility to the idea that he has the backing of the Pakistani state itself. In western world, there are many many businesses offering essay and thesis writing services.

Quora UserRetired licensed veterinary nurse–Autistic women. It would outsource its printing of cheque books to some other company around the world. It is message for the world, and now all such fake universities which are thousands should be banned by CIA….