Internal competition of products 2. He must try to explain to Ian that producing in the Netherlands more profitable for the company reasons are clearly explained in the 2nd question. Why did Mr van Leuven behave as he did? Question 1 What do you feel about the initial analysis? What do you believe to be the CSFs in Axeon? Management Challenge an exploration of business This computer simulation give you and the others:

Different independent subsidiaries Decentralised organisation Results controls Objectives settled Bonus plan providing rewards Action controls Action Accountability Preaction reviews Personnel controls Empowerment of the subsidiaries and his employees Selects and places competent employees Train employees. Use of external knowledge by acquiring specialized companies in different regions. UPS Case Study -. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. We will discuss this alternative because it is the most appropriate for the corporate strategy of Axeon.

Motivated, innovative Investment justified Confidence in Mr Van Leuven Not yet competent on the product They want the proposal to be executed Competition and no communication between the two parts Influence problems Profit or decentralized management?

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Production of industrial chemicals. What do you feel about the initial analysis? Let us create the best one for you! According to financial situation, three methods can be applied: To avoid any similar problem: Registration Forgot your password?


axeon case study

Recommended Presentations More by User. Strategic Human Resource Management Chapter 1. Axeoh project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Subsidiaries can sell whatever the mix of products they want The prices of the products are fixed by Axeon Dutch sales organisation and the subsidiaries can decide if they want to sell them or not. Its strategic decision and thats why negotiation is reqd.

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axeon case study

Economies of scale and synergies: Haven’t found the Essay You Want? Motivation to make changes by giving autonomy to subsidiaries. Headquartered in Heerlen the Netherlands.

Is construction of the new factory in the UK in syudy best interest of Axeon? Plant will operate at full capacity. Was there, in your opinion, anything wrong with it?

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It is a better choice to keep the production in the Netherlands, because: Add this document to saved. We will discuss this alternative because it is the most appropriate for the corporate strategy of Axeon.

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Discuss what transfer price sould be established if AR is supplied from the Netherlands to the UK? To bargain and reject products. A Case Study. To propose the development of new products and build their own manufacturing plants. Planning Sales Purchasing Production Meeting of board director.


Lack of information about capacities and costs that took time for evaluation of the project. Indirect control by having a managing director as a board member of subsidiary. He must award Ian for his initiative and based on achievements of UK subsidiary revenue growth in the future. Though it is said that the subsidiaries are encouraged to propose the development of new products, but the fact was that the Axeon Netherlands would take over the idea of new product development if it made more returns.

axeon case study

Subsidiaries are allowed to produce whatever mix of products they deemed appropriate. Subsidiaries are allowed to build their own manufacturing plants if they could justify.

Why did Mr Van Leuven behave as he did?