The incidents in BHU turned him into an atheist. In the same year he proposed a resolution in the session of the Hindu Mahasabha demanding that temples and drinking water wells be opened up to Dalits; [3] and in the early s was imprisoned twice for his active participation in the Satyagraha and the Quit India Movements. He modernized the railways and extended its network to different parts of the country. He remained a member of Parliament till his death in , after over forty years as a parliamentarian. From , until his death in , his uninterrupted Parliamentary career of half a century is a world record. Inspired by Gandhiji, Babuji courted arrest on 10 December, Through these Organizations he involved the depressed classes in the freedom struggle.

He also set up a Commission to settle future disputes. Facing the most severe drought of with firm determination, he ensured that nobody died of hunger. Babu Jagjivan Ram National Foundation. He had an elder brother, Sant Lal, and three sisters. While loyal to prime minister Indira Gandhi for most of the Indian Emergency , in he along with five other politicians resigned from the Cabinet and formed the Congress for Democracy party, within the Janata coalition.

He brought glory to Sasaram the way Sher Shah Suri had once done. Inhe became the youngest minister in Jawaharlal Nehru ‘s interim governmentesxay first cabinet of India as a Labour Minister and also a member of the Constituent Assembly of Indiawhere he ensured that social justice was enshrined in the Constitution.

He was then just 28 years old. Starting his public life as a student activist and freedom fighter, he went on to become a Legislator at the young age of 28 in the yearas a nominated member of the Bihar Legislative Council. As a dedicated Congress member for most of his life and ezsay virtue of the important ministerial posts he held, Babu Jagjivan Ram occupies a unique position in the arc of Dalit political mobilisation that spreads from Ambedkar to Kanshi Ram and Mayawati.


For providing security to the workers serving in mines and related fields, he framed the Mines Vocational Training Rules, He was always there for them.

Minister in the Interim Government.

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It shares a… Read More Indian Democracy at the Crossroads I. However, inhe resigned along with the entire Cabinet.

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

Centre for Law and Policy Research. His father Sobhi Ram was with the British Indian Armyposted at Peshawarbut later resigned due to some differences, and bought farming land in his native village Chandwa and settled there.

Retrieved essxy February His mother, Vasanti Devi, however, made sure that his education continued.

Babu Jagjivan Ram

India ij Pakistan in the war when he was the defence minister. He also ensured unopposed victory of 14 other candidates of BDCL from reserved constituencies. Railway Minister – 17 April to 10 April Demands for awarding him a posthumous Bharat Ratna have been raised from time to time Hyderabad.

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

He also extended the network of post, telegraph javjivan telecommunication to remote village areas. In the post-independence India, he won all the Lok Sabha elections, Unopposed,, from the same constituency of Sasaram.

babu jagjivan ram essay in telugu

Jagjivan Ram on labour problems. They too, in turn, always stood by him.


5 April 1908: Babu Jagjivan Ram, union minister, was born

Babu Jagjivan Ram in parliament: The HinduBusiness Line. He provided liberal financial support and better employment opportunities to the wounded and the families of the martyrs.

Banaras Hindu University University of Calcutta. Scholarship was offered for the first time for jaguivan training in flying clubs. The Emergency of — Ram also served in the interim national government of He was elected from Sasaram parliament constituency in Bihar.

He worked as the Minister of Defence —74 making him the virtual No. Archived from the original on 6 July He had an elder brother, Sant Lal, and three sisters. The couple had two children, Suresh Kumar who was infamously reported in Menaka Gandhi ‘s Surya newspaper, having marital relationship with a year-old woman. For Babuji was renowned for his political acumen; that he chose to leave the Congress was widely taken as a sign that this ship was, if not yet sinking, then leaking very badly indeed.

In shortly after Indira Gandhi announced elections, signalling an end to the emergency, Jagjivan Ram, together with a few other politicians, became part of the Telugj coalition by forming the Congress for Democracy.