Anonymous 27 January at Extract The flood on 16 August in Boscastle in Cornwall was the worst in local memory and an Environment Agency report concluded that it was among the most extreme ever experienced in Britain. Cars in the harbour at Boscastle BBC, b. Download the free PDF resource. The thickest cloud is shown by the brightest white areas on the picture. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Weather chart Fig 1. Download the free PDF resource. Web page reproduced with the kind permission of the Met Office. This encouraged surface runoff. It is a warm and moist tropical maritime air mass. This unstable environment made prime characteristics for storm development, allowing cloud water to be retained, leading to intense rainfall, with over 1, million litres of rain being recorded in just two hours Golding, Clark and May, ; North Cornwall District Council, Image by Komilla Chadha.

Accommodation worry for Boscastle [Online]. Also, hedges have been removed to make fields bigger. Cloudburst upon Hendraburnick Down: Map of the area affected What happened to cause this event? This lead to the creation of cumulonimbus clouds and more rainfall. Both overflowed, and this caused a sudden rush of water to speed down the Valency — which runs through the middle of Boscastle.

About two billion litres of water then rushed down the valley straight into Boscastle. Very heavy rain fell in storms close to the village, causing two rivers to burst their banks. This link opens in a new window. In addition, the media coverage Boscastle received resulted intourists from April-October inan increase frombefore the floods, and tourists are still visiting, benefiting the local economy Cherrington, Long term disruptions and a major re-building project needed to take place.


Removing low bridges and replacing them with wider bridges – this meant large amounts of water could flow freely underneath the bridge and the bridge wouldn’t act like a dam in the flood, vegetation and debris became blocked, creating the effect of a dam. Sort statements to show these causes, effects and responses, e.

Anonymous 31 October at The co-ordinate the emergency response in major floods and helps rescue lives and properties, Firefighters: Physical Impacts Flooding On the day of the flood, about sttudy of rain fell in two hours — the same amount that normally falls in the whole of August. Map showing location of major UK floods.

Case Study – Boscastle Floods

Flooding in Cornwall [images online] Available at: Roseveare and Trapmore, Loss of tourism a major source of income to the village of Boscastle. Radar imagery Fig 2. The pictures show cloud forming over Boscastle at about 1 p. Cars in the harbour at Boscastle BBC, b.

boscastle flood 2004 a level case study

Don’t show this message again. Responses to the flooding John Prescott, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Prince Charles visited members of the emergency services and the local GP surgery, which acted as the emergency centre, in the days following the disaster.


They issue warnings, forecasts and implement major incident plans. It remains over the area for about six hours. Dramatic Floods in Boscastle [image online] Available at: Huge amounts of water from this sudden downpour flowed into two rivers, the Valency and Jordan which flows into the Valency just above Boscastle. Boscastle is a village popular with tourists on the North Cornish coast, see Figure 5.

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Despite this, hotel businesses suffered from a decrease in overnight visitors. The church was filled with six feet of mud and water.

boscastle flood 2004 a level case study

Cars were swept out to sea, buildings were badly damaged and people had to act quickly to survive. Four footbridges along the Valency were washed away.

Questionnaire on UK Floods. Meterorological analysis of the conditions leading to flooding on 16 August Damage was caused to local wildlife habitats.