Photographic illustrations to be used in the document must with original photographs or high quality reproductions. Bsit thesis documentation Bscs bsit thesis guidelines. Proposal for thesis research in partial fulfillment of the requirements Course Hero. Five 5 hard bound and three 2 electronic copy stored in CD-RW. It evaluates previous and current research in regard to how relevant or useful it is and how it relates to your own research.

For Information Technology capstone projects, the recommended infrastructure and its implications on other systems should be clearly specified in the final report with the introduction of the project. Computer science thesis format YouTube. All symbols shall be from an acceptable font. It is an undertaking appropriate to a professional field. A draft copy can be first submitted to the panelist for checking whether all suggestions were followed and incorporated in the manuscript. It usually shows the advancement of findings throughout time. Appendix pages should be numbered as continuation of the text.

The introductory pages are important because they create the first and perhaps lasting impression on the examiner. The Executive Summary is typically several paragraphs long. Expert Systems and Decision Support Systems; d. Title or caption is set below the figure.


A brief executive summary discussing the following should be presented in key phrases bulleted style: The exact date, time and venue of defense will be posted on a designated bulletin board in the department. Bsit thesis documentation Bscs bsit thesis guidelines Pictaram. Go back, or return to yourcompany.

bsit thesis guidelines

Text must be justified on both sides. The department chairman will notify all parties on the exact date, time and venue of the defense. Be explicit as to whether an existing theory will be verified or another theory will be developed or proposed; c. Use line types symbols, shading, and patterns to distinguish between data. However, it should not be too detailed that you end up repeating or lifting practically the discussion from different sources.

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All figures must be well explained in the text. Table 16 cont’d Requirements in the Preparation of Final Report Manuscript 1. If possible the adviser should be: The letters must be appearing fully formed and the font type must be legible and unambiguous.

bsit thesis guidelines

guidelinfs See Appendix A b. Acceptable serif type font style is Arial 12 or Times New Roman All materials following the Table of contents are listed.

Bsit thesis

The paper required must conform to the following requirements: Data Structures, Algorithm Design and Analysis c. The description section should make the content and entertainment value of the game obvious and convincing.


bsit thesis guidelines

Signal Processing such as Image Processing; i. Thesis topics for bsit durdgereport web fc com SlidePlayer. Bsit thesis documentation pdfeports web fc com STI College Proposal for thesis research in partial fulfillment of the requirements. See Appendix E b. The group may choose another adviser in the event that their original adviser becomes unavailable upon the approval of the Department Chairperson.

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Licensed software- Criteria for selection ,i. Retrieved March 10, from http: The guidwlines text shall be encoded using any word processing software such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, in a standard serif font type.

Click here to sign up. This page is optional. A tentative date for the oral defense may be set on the mutual consent of all involved.