Your plan is your calling card — make sure it is interesting and thorough. These registries are not official. The following documents are available for download in French: The income statement lists your income and expenses over a given period, while the balance sheet lists your current assets, fixed assets, liabilities, and equity at a given date. Check with the cantonal police office covering commercial activities the Office de la police cantonale du commerce to see if there any such requirements for your business. This will streamline our core banking system, make it more efficient and modernize our architecture. Anticipating needs and opportunities Based on your cash position, you can think ahead about:

After evaluating its options, BCV decided to front its legacy payment processing system with Financial Transaction Manager software — converging its payment operations on to a single platform compatible with the ISO standard. Incorporated companies have their own legal personality; their assets are completely separate from those of the owners. Find your nearest branch. It ensures you have a comprehensive vision for your company that takes into account all commercial and financial aspects. Also available in file: Customers and suppliers What main customers will you target?

Employers are responsible for paying contributions to a family allowance fund even if their employees do not have children young enough to be eligible for the cantonal.

business plan banque cantonale vaudoise

The decisions you banqje in this step will lay the groundwork for how your business operates going forward. Sole proprietors have to pay 9. A business plan should help you answer some fundamental questions about your business idea, such as who, where, when and how.

If you just want somewhere to work away from home, you could rent an office in a coworking space.

Turning your business plan into a business | BCV – Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

That requires taking a close look at your market, competitors, the product or service you intend to sell, and your planned positioning. The starting point for any business venture is getting to know your market. A description of the company, its managers vaudkise products A market analysis of potential customers and competitors The marketing plan Infrastructure production and management and technology Financial management Financial and operating plans A risk assessment Some tips Here are some basic guidelines to follow when drawing up your business plan: Financing plan Your financing plan busimess your roadmap for funding your start-up business, through capital or credit.


Each municipality commune has a zoning plan that specifies which plots can be used for what purposes. Your income will most likely take a hit at first, and your company could very well be in the red for some time. But you can recover any VAT that you pay to other businesses, such as when you purchase supplies and services. Plan de financement File size: When it comes to starting a business, the person behind the idea is just as important as the idea.

See our tips on putting together an effective business plan. Employees must be given notice if their employment contract is to be terminated except in cases of immediate dismissal for good cause. If so, how could you compete with them? About IBM For more information, visit http: Sole proprietorships typically just need to sign up with a social security fund. The business plan will help you pull together the results of the various assessments you’ve done and use them to outline a concrete strategy.

Turning your idea into a viable plan

Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Do you plan to take out a loan? You also need to be realistic about the skills you do and don’t have. We worked directly with a team of experts from the IBM Software Group who were very knowledgeable and always able to answer our questions. If you register your company with the local commercial register, then you will have to keep a set of books.


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How will you accomplish all this — using what resources? Customers and suppliers What main customers will you target? The type of audit ordinary or buxiness depends on the number of employees and total assets the company has.

If you want to purchase your business premises, you will have to go through a notary.

Sole proprietors do not have to pay for unemployment insurance. Employees who work at least eight hours per week must also be covered for non-work bajque.

Do you have the requisite business skills? What is the time scale for setting up the company? Build your own feed. And if you set up an incorporated company, the name must indicate whether it is a limited liability company or a corporation.

business plan banque cantonale vaudoise

If you set up a sole proprietorship, your last name must be part of the company name. First, the size and capacity you need like surface area, volume, height, and bearable weightand second, specific criteria related to your business like tax rates, labor pool, equipment suppliers, infrastructure, and transportation links.