These results echo those reported by Norton and Starfield Test takers read articles, listen to a lecture, answer questions, and write a short essay, as they would be expected to do in a first-year Canadian university or college classroom. Should we expect a similar pattern of choices across all proficiency levels? Integrated Reading One or two short reading passages with comprehension questions One or two long reading passages with comprehension questions. Male students tended to choose easier items and thereby gained an advantage.

Indeed, a significant effect for task difficulty was found in all of the studies we reviewed. Writing One writing question with an extended response, using material from both the previous reading and listening passages. For each of the choices, the topic descriptions were of approximately the same length and complexity. We set out to design one study that could encompass many aspects of the topic effect i. A Shield to Earthly Life Reading 2:

Thus, while the number of subjects in the choice and no-choice groups is equalthe number of test-takers who had an opport- unity to choose any given topic is not equal.

The non-significant results for overall proficiency level provide essat partial answer to the first research question. Heartland International English School 1 day ago.

Fitzpatrick and Yen found that the choice passages differed in terms of overall popularity essqy in their attractiveness to different gender and ethnic groups and suggested that the proficiency of students in making choices might improve with practice. The relatively large proportion of males in this sample accurately reflects the gender ratios found in the population typically taking the CAEL Assessment.

cael essay sample

A Shield to Earthly Life Reading 2: For each essay task the test- taker was asked to choose one topic from a pair of essay prompts.

This question was addressed through an examination of the results of the follow-up questionnaire. Hamp-Lyons and Mathias examined 32 pairs of essay prompts in a study designed to investigate expert judgements of prompt difficulty. Gee administered an English composition test to grade 12 students who were asked to choose one topic from among six options. We contend that all topic-based tests must investigate the possibility of a topic effect as part of the ongoing process of test validation.


Zebra Mussels Reading 2: We found that the second most important factor for test-takers in completing the CAEL was the topic of the test.

cael essay sample

The frequencies for each of the seven possible essay response scores are shown in Table 6. The number of test-takers who completed each version of the caael is indicated in the third column of the table. Rather, this test compares the mean ranks of the two groups. On the relative value of multiple-choice, constructed response, and examine-selected items on two achievement tests. The textual analysis cannot provide definitive results essa the prior knowl- edge of the test-takers.

Our challenge was to create relatively brief descriptions that would be comprehensible to the ESL test-taker while still providing enough information to enable the test- taker to make an informed choice.

This group of subjects was randomly assigned to one of two conditions: The proportion of stu- dents who chose each topic relative to the number who could possibly have chosen the option is shown as a percent in the last column of the table. Intrinsic motivation and the process of learning: It would be very informative to more broadly survey test- takers who have written topic-based tests in an effort to determine the extent to which these test-takers perceive the topic of the test as a significant factor.

cael essay sample

This writer discusses IQ measurement in other studies, specifically referring to studies done with chimpanzees. Summarizing and Synthesizing Lecture Speaking Tasks 4 and 5: The second sentence was a one-line summary of the specific topic of the test. Although part of the fault is due to natural causes, the main culprits are the forest industry itself essag the government.


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Through this design the researchers could com- pare the performance of the test-takers on tasks which the test-takers had previously defined as high or low preference. Because choice is an essential element of the research design, the second focus of the study is to explore caael advantages and disadvan- tages of the use of choice in language-testing settings from the per- spective of both the tester and the test-taker.

These studies quite clearly do not advocate the use of choice in testing. The advan- tages and disadvantages of the use of choice in language-testing set- tings are explored from the perspective of both the tester and the test-taker.

Students at the intermediate proficiency level may also qualify to get a university credit for their ESL course. We set out to design one study that could encompass many aspects of the topic effect i.

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The effect of gender and samplf background on cloze and reading comprehension performance using G-Theory. Topic-based test developers must ensure that test takers are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged in terms of their test results when presented with a given test topic.

A second possible explanation for the differences in choice patterns observed focuses on the proficiency of the test-takers in making a choice. Journal of Experimental Psychology: