Does the business take a process perspective? A fair assumption is that peaks and troughs could coincide for both the services offered by the company, and therefore variation could be relatively high. He sees the company as growing and that changes will have to be made, but it is growth that is central to his thinking rather than developing unique capabilities that will protect him from competition in the future. The case is sufficiently general for tutors to draw out from the case, whichever topic they are going to cover in the course. This is a fundamental decision for Marco Van Hopen.

The case is sufficiently general for tutors to draw out from the case, whichever topic they are going to cover in the course. Dance wear and costume hire, buy shop for schools. Are job designs appropriate? From the various statements attributed to Marco, he is now coming to see this. There is a similar ambiguity on the demand side of the network. At the other end of the scale, equipment hire and sales is of far higher volume, and although in one sense variety is also high, the real effective variety is lower because every transaction is very similar, even if what is actually being hired or sold is different.

The case describes the various departments within the company and the nature of both types of services. There are a number of ways of distinguishing between these processes, but the important point to bring out in the discussion is that the processes do differ.

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He regards production services in particular, as being an exciting and high adrenalin business to be in. Should all processes be managed in the same way?


Less so with production services and design where creativity is important, or more so with administration and equipment hire and sales where outputs are more standardized. Approaching the subject from a truly managerial perspective, this brand new text provides clear and concise coverage, whilst the accompanying CD provides an opportunity to practice and further explore the concepts and techniques introduced.

This makes the book ideally suited for an MBA audience; who come from a multitude of organizational settings. There are several suppliers to AAF, but the ones mentioned explicitly in the case are other equipment hire and sales companies. Students can be encouraged to discuss this issue generally during the case debrief so that its inclusion in the course can be justified.

Does the operation have a strategy? However, Marco is clearly aware of the amount needed he has invested.

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How much capacity should each operation in the supply network have? Of course, this is not unusual, but it is worth exploring the implications of this with students. Upload document Create rottwrdam. What kind of job designs do the staff involved in each of these processes require?

Rotterdma administration process is very much a back-office process. Does operations and process management have a strategic impact?

Therefore, because they differ, they would need managing in different ways. Administration is surprisingly similar to equipment hire and sales. Chapter 1 of the text identifies four ccase of operations management.


It should attempt to increase the revenue of the business through its ability to serve customers. Yet AAF themselves will also take on this role for some clients. Are job designs appropriate?

case study aaf rotterdam

From the various statements attributed to Marco, he is now coming to see this. Variation is likely to be similar to production services, as is visibility, although much of the design will take place without the client being present.

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You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Operations Management Nigel Slack. Yet both types of services are still mutually dependent.

Two types of services have emerged.

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How are processes currently designed? Of course, he may just wish to develop the business to a certain size and then sell it.

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Do processes match volumevariety requirements?

It should be able to develop the capabilities that will bring it more business in the future. Notes on questions Questions 1 — Do you think Marco Van Hopen understands the importance of operations to his business? Try to guide the class towards identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two approaches.