The private sector have not really been involved in the initiative and without their support it will be difficult to increase visitor numbers. However the community must get preferential benefit and a say in the management of the tourism. Tourist arrival figures for In addition to providing information for tourists the museum could have played an important role in local education, not only for the community on Pamilacan but also for other coastal communities in Bohol and for domestic tourists. Efforts are being made to diversify the product range. WWF-Philippines produced a business plan and destination planning report.

Domestic and local markets were essential to develop the tour and the skills of the community. Relying purely on Bohol-based tour operators may not be sufficient. This paper examines three ecotourism case studies in the province of Bohol. The communities however felt that the divers and beach resort owners had no right to tell them how to manage their resources. After about three months of experimental tours, the tour began to evolve and prices were fixed.

Local NGOs also have the necessary links to work closely with the provincial government and local sarwaak units. The WWF research team discovered a huge decline in the number of whale sharks and manta rays being caught. As such many of the dive boats seen offshore from Bohol are actually based in Cebu.

A whale fishery has existed in Pamilacan for over a hundred years. A few months after this decision to proceed was made, the community finally launched their Local and Cebu based dive shops held numerous meetings and lobbied for a stop to the shark fishing. Peer pressure ensures that everyone pulls his or her weight. Attempting too many things at once may be difficult.


The community organization now has over members and continues to work to improve the tour.


The Bohol experience is certainly useful for those who intend to implement community-based coastal ecotourism projects elsewhere in the Philippines. Although I was not directly involved in the second case study I closely followed the development of the project.

The effects of scale in economic development:: This programme involves the participation of the rural community in providing experiential learning activities such as rubber tapping, traditional songs, dance and crafts as well as serving local dishes. Most projects are inward-oriented rather than market-oriented. Law enforcement, resource management, education, capability building and support are essential components.

HOW TO PASS EXAMS: Geography GCSE: Ecotourism Case Study (Sarawak)

Tourist arrival figures for A critical review of the National Ecotourism Policy with a generic benchmarking of practices. It also makes communities proud of their resources and this encourages them to continue managing their natural resources.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

This was coordinated by the Bohol Federation of Tour Operators. The development is either not ideally planned or unable to practice the sustainable development along with tourism. Over recent decades, technological advances and the rapid expansion of the international tourism industry have made marine environments more accessible.

After a year or so of advocacy and marine education work, the community decided to create their own community based marine sanctuary in a high quality reef section. However, in the malsysia, the marine environment was relatively sheltered from ecotoufism use. In addition, introducing tourism in the ecotoruism phase may be premature and raise hopes.


Residents have also developed a number of new skills and are getting good at lobbying national agencies and the local town for tighter management of their resources.

The community had spent many voluntary hours guarding the area, arresting illegal fishers and fining them but received no benefit from the divers. They also saw no economic or other benefit in protecting the sharks just for the divers.

HOW TO PASS EXAMS: Geography GCSE: Ecotourism Case Study (Sarawak)

Bohol based tour operators were then invited on the tour and asked to make suggestions. Beautiful beaches with clear waters and variety ecotlurism fish and birds such as Hawaii Beach. This has brought a glimmer of hope for the coastal resources of the Philippines and the quality of life for the people living along this area.

In addition, the local government was not involved in any meaningful way in the early phases of project.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

Five species malysia dolphin and seven species of whale are commonly seen in the area. Private sector should be encouraged to reach out to the community.

The Old state Mosque is integral to the Kuching landscape built in Only once the tour became established was the tour sold to international tourists via local operators.