What are the odds that a father who cannot afford medicines can find the exact medicine that he needs in a pharmacy store?? However these blocks are actually very poor and backward and to boost up the morale of the lower bureaucracy and to oversee the few developmental works there it’s highly important acc. Soon after your posting you noticed illegal felling of forests in which the Forset officials incld the DFO is complicit. Will a compromise ‘here’ on the pretext of doing better ‘there’ justified? All of these cases are related.

The SP faces ethical dilemma as he has to choose between following the legal procedures and handle the naxalite like any other criminal providing him all legal provisions; and choose her career growth and progress by respecting the orders of the political matters- seniors. As per regulations, the permissions should be revoked and unit shut down. It would have been foolhardy to assume that the lifeboat could have conceivably carried four times its capacity for a long time. What are the odds that a father who cannot afford medicines can find the exact medicine that he needs in a pharmacy store?? What were his underlying intentions – were his actions in good faith? I have not read anything for ethics..

The case of Paradise Papers

I am sure, that much is enough for you to clear mains. So i am saying that we should clarify it before taking decision. But, as i am not a judge or a robinhood, if i feel that what he is saying is true and want to leave him, i will give him the money for buying those medicines either from my pocket or any social organisation abd make him pay to the pharmacy.

October edited October Super bonus if they are Indian thinkers. If yes, was it worse than this?

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If he did nothing, however, he would be responsible for the deaths of those whom he could have saved. Your friend says once he becomes an IAS officer, he can “serve the people”.


Choose a middle stury and write a suitable answer.

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In that case, I’d forumlas other options in parallel, such as training NGOs, self-help groups borrowing from previous answer etc.

This Article has been shifted to our new blog. You know that the people of the village were very much scared of tsudy naxalites and stud have to restore confidence of the people by teaching a lesson to the naxalites. Most laws are general guidelines. This is a serious offense in itself, he should be given the harshest punishment as per the law of the land but at the same time it should be made clear that this punishment is not for his decision that he had to make but for the gross dereliction of duty and lack of preparedness which resulted in so many people being killed.

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I would communicate to the government the need to visit this areas, and request security cover. Stop the crime, but only with commensurate force don’t shoot a kid for stealing bread for it’s mother or fire a tommy gun into a crowd of people just because one of them may be a thief.

When you chase and studj him, he tells you that he stole some medicines for his dying child.

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But when they get to know that you are going to be transferred they requested you to do something to prevent the transfer. Nobody is thrown – the boat sinks, everybody dies. He can’t afford to buy it, but he needs it to pass the IAS exam.

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Here my observations are: Apart from the strategy mentioned by you, you should be ready to take a stand against not involving in fake encounter and be ready to withstand any action taken against you. Comply with DFO without taking any money but collect evidences agsinst the illegal cutting of trees.


Plz suggest which one is best. In current affairs reading Editorials Online needs an in-depth focus and hence we provide a separate analysis of daily editorials which is not found in any other website. Late in the night at 2: But the captain should not sacrifice his life at the moment when he is required the most – If he kills himself, the people will be left directionless and with nobody to lead the group to safety.

CSE Mains ’18 Ethics: He should act in the best interest of his crew. If a waiter cleaning a hotel room prises open the locker Taking a stand either way in necessary in this question otherwise the answer will be weak.

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Freakhoto views 14 comments 0 points Most recent by tss November That fforumias probably how we should answer, but if I may play devil’s advocate for argument’s sake– what is the message one sends out by offering a “way out”? However, if compliance was taken through speed money to cut the various procedures and red tape but overall all norms are fulfilled, then it can be regularised.

I am just saying, whatever decision he made – Right stufy wrong is not the question – nobody can make a ‘right’ decision in such situation, it will always be a matter of chance. Please don’t provide “out of the box” solutions that evade the moral question.