Application Access AppXS , an online trading solution company, comes in as the third portfolio company. Shady network of diploma mills targets both Arab and Western students. The country reeled under economic sanctions imposed by the US. For TMT Ventures esprit de goal has two facets and both of which have resulted into useful lessons. Similarly, a wider industry perspective from other VC companies of the past and present has not been extensively included as primary information.

The HEC assignment concludes. This commitment carried the TMT team through hard times and guided their decisions. European Venture Capital Market: The foreign exchange regime was liberalized: Only a wild guess can be made that may or may not be true.

Once beaten, the company decided to buy out the victor.

case study on axact

Any errors that remain are solely mine. It made initial investment in brilliant ideas — and individuals — only to find that the obvious key to business success is the strength of the executing team. Would Axact and its employees be compensated for the losses this litigation incurred to them? From PRs25m of proprietary AKD capital invested in three companies when I joined, to raise a PRsm institutional fund, a first of its kind in Pakistan, has been wonderful experience.

It presents its report to HEC in which it lays out a mechanism for deal assessment and a business model for the incubators. Pressure on the TMT Incubation Fund to perform was mounting as the TMT team was learning valuable lessons in managing entrepreneurs and investing partners.

The Axact case – Daily Times

TMT Ventures provided the following services to its portfolio companies: Body of the Case Report Being geographically and ethnographically similar to India, Pakistan aimed to become the next best destination for outsourced IT enabled Services ITeS. There was no company at that moment. Seeing barely any prospect for himself as a technologist in a stydy run telecom monopoly, he went to the Stanford University, did his Masters there and took up a job in the technology hotbed called the Silicon Valley, where he befriended the legendary Indian venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.


One important ingredient of reforms was policy emphasis on small and medium enterprises in Pakistan. It imposed restrictive rules for rounds of funding to the portfolio companies.

As the name implies, SEAF invests in the equities of high potential small and medium enterprises across various sectors in emerging economies around syudy globe. Sohaib realized as well that the higher goal of pioneering an industry would remain elusive, until and unless other heavyweights of the finance industry lend support to the idea of venture capital.

The Axact case

Shady stdy of diploma mills targets both Arab and Western students. Accordingly, it was incorporated as a public limited unlisted axxact dedicated to raising and managing VC funds. A crucial operational implication of having a long-term vision is the ability to be patient about growth and exit as a premature scale-up could be disastrous without a realistic assessment of future revenues.

Economic reforms initiated by the Nawaz Sharif government in the s continued. TMT has now realized that it must avoid under-funding the portfolio companies.

Ali Ansari immediately started out the search for a new CEO. The matter must be urgently addressed if Pakistan wants to avoid further humiliation on the international stage. The fact that Indian professionals had raced ahead created a flurry of discussions in the media and on the Internet. Hence, it is in our own interest to spread stusy learning, which we believe, would be crucial for other interested institutions while planning their initiatives.


Any rush in scaling-up or exit runs the risk of having to deal with financial and marketing intermediaries, who may have their own agendas.

case study on axact

This is how it has been in The Bangalore bang reverberated loud and clear across the country. European Venture Capital Market: Falling in the high-risk, high-return category of investment modes, venture capital also has a high mortality rate. This is a sad fact of research in Pakistan. All axaxt may please be addressed to: Educate partners and investors about venture capital so that they also develop a VC mindset.

He made his fortune in the stock market and now his empire, AKD Group, spans over securities, investment banking, real estate and construction, asset management, oil and gas exploration, telecom, and port operations and management.

There may be, however, rare exceptions to this rule. Managing Growth and Institutionalization Sohaib inherited a troubled portfolio of three companies in a stuyd investment framework. Science and technology became the buzz and IT came under the spotlight.