New articles by this author. Travel bans and scientific mobility: Gender and ethnicity trends in journal peer review: The kaleidoscope of disciplinarity. An exploratory study for the field of information retrieval. The role of handbooks in knowledge creation and diffusion: A review of the literature.

The reviewer in the mirror: Age stratification and cohort effects in scholarly communication: Russell , Brenna Bychowski: Sugimoto , Blaise Cronin: Bowman , Ali Ghazinejad , Cassidy R. The following articles are merged in Scholar. Proposal and application of the interdisciplinarity borrowing index:

SugimotoFereshteh Didegah: Application of literature-enhanced concept mapping caassidy curriculum design: Carolyn HankCassidy R. SugimotoJean A. Andrew TsouTimothy D.

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Collaboration and scientific impact since The reviewer in the mirror: A tale of two citation databases – Scopus and Web of Science. Examining the implications of automated bot accounts on Twitter.

Looking across communicative genres: Assessing the scholarly impact of information studies: The cognitive structure of library and information science: In their disseration image?


Artifact, producer, concept, and gatekeeper.

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Visualizing changes over time: Age stratification and cohort effects in scholarly communication: Defining the intellectual structure of information systems and related college of business disciplines: Alkim Almila Akdag Salah. Scholars on soap boxes: An interactive panel for doctoral students [a panel proposal].

Present and future – panel. Scientific mobility indicators in practice: Putting Boyd in His Place.

cassidy sugimoto dissertation

SugimotoUmut Al: SugimotoBlaise Cronin: ManeCassidy R. Mapping DH through heterogeneous communicative practices. Big data, bigger dilemmas: The linguistic patterns and rhetorical structure of citation context: Big data, bigger dilemmas: Bibliobloggers’ Preservation Perceptions, Preferences, and Practices.

SugimotoJiepu Jiang: Visualizing and comparing four facets of scholarly communication: Social media metrics in scholarly communication. International mobility profiles at the country level.

cassidy sugimoto dissertation