Regardless, the number of repeat customers, as well as overall attendance, should be collected as strong evidence of program use. Knowledge and experience with computers may also be required. Summary Although it may seem obvious that after-school programs occur between the hours of 3: Homework-helper training may even be partially outsourced. Finally, most libraries want to know if prospective tutors and homework-site coordinators have been convicted of a crime. In Castroville, California, homework-center staff work diligently with young Mexican immigrants to perfect new language skills. The actual homework assistance is provided by volunteers.

All are motivated by a desire to work with kids. Elementary-school children who are enrolled in after-school day care may sign up for homework assistance on a daily basis. In addition, because the library hires its homework staff from the surrounding community, these people also serve as positive role models. This is especially true of college or high-school students, who graduate or leave for paying jobs. Hd Telugu Movies p Online. In addition, because homework centers are open after school, students can commit their time without missing class.

Posted in PR 1 Comment Tags: The library absorbs all overhead expenses associated with staffing and maintaining the facility. Developing a Theme A theme is necessary to capture the uniqueness of the homework center. Each child has a folder where works-in-progress and completed sheets are kept.

castroville library homework center

Not only are the latter group of students more likely to succeed academically, but they are also much more self-confident. Finally, what types of media are kids required to use when researching class assignments?

Creating the Full-Service Homework Center in Your Library

To meet this growing demand, public librarians regularly reserved special copies of supplementary school reading, borrowed cennter from the state library for student use, acquired school reading lists and advance copies of assignments, communicated regularly with nearby schools through visits and newsletters, and, in some cases, even maintained a separate reference room for high-school students.


Blog Archives Getting ready for back-to-school? Do you know how to search for references using the on-line catalogue? The investigators found that although less than half of the kids surveyed currently use the library for homework assistance, 74 percent centsr use a formal homework-help program if offered by the library. Also available are open cabinets where student backpacks can be stored. Most libraries cannot afford to hire the number of part-time employees needed to help kids with their homework.

Fyan Award to survey homework-assistance programs in cenetr libraries across the country.

In a study, the national offices of the U. For the most part, homework-center staff are unique in that they are specifically trained to work directly and exclusively with students. Although most programs do not require special furnishings, there are jomework to make the homework space unique. Besides college-aged tutors, librarians also welcome the help of teenaged homework assistants.

In addition, physical boundaries enable staff to control and constructively focus the energies of the students participating in the program.

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Nonpublic spaces may also intimidate certain students. Often, the older students librqry as much time answering questions about college as they do helping the younger kids with homework. Not only do the students receive help with their assignments, but they gain a new respect for the officers they might otherwise distrust.


What kinds of things do you read cente. Library staff also notice improved English-language skills among their foreign-born patrons. Staff have also found that communication with math teachers is essential.

Besides math lbrary, the library provides such homework supplies as graph paper, pencils, calculators, rulers, and protractors. Bounded by low shelves, the area is clearly visible from the reference and circulation desks yet isolated enough to give kids a sense of privacy. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. During this pibrary, they familiarize themselves with staff and the students while learning the importance of the mentoring process.

Posted in PR Leave a comment Tags: The goal of improving academic performance was to be achieved through structured orientation to the library and through peer support among program participants during weekly group activities.

castroville library homework center

The actual homeqork assistance is provided by volunteers. That experience had a profound effect on my professional outlook. Above all else, schedules should reflect community need. This content castrovi,le uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. Other program objectives include recruiting volunteer homework assistants from area businesses, corporations, and Stanford University student organizations; soliciting donations from businesses for needed school supplies; and purchasing materials to fill gaps in the collection.