They headed to another room in the school. Today we enjoyed our second remote visitor to the Blended Learning Community. Click here to view the Academic Plan. The top 5 fastest teams received a Pie to eat! Reconstruction Webquest Arthur McClendon. Unit 1 Quiz 3 John Hildebrand.

Unit 1 Quiz 2 John Hildebrand. The answer led them to a room in the school. Close Black History Month Guest speaker, Rosemary Gamble, spoke to the students about her personal experiences growing up in the South, participating in the historic March on Washington, hearing Dr. When students are working with the academic plan they are setting goals, monitoring their grades, MAP scores, and credit requirements, as well as planning for extra-curricular career experiences in the future. Waite’s 6th grade class applied their knowledge of fractions divided by fractions with an engaging hands on activity. Nichols are teaching students about the importance of empathy and kindness. There is always a way if you just stick to it.

Kids had a chance to ask Shiva a variety of questions that came to them throughout the discussion. Martin Luther King Jr.

Amy Word, Principal Mrs. Follow us on Twitter! Students participated in the solo cup challenge to see who could construct the tallest tower.

ccms summer homework

Others asked about the process of making and programming the fitbits. Tips From The School Nurse: Close Academic Planning Students set goals, monitor progress, and prepare for high school and beyond Check out some pictures: Vocabulary List 2 Carolyn Dalton. Unit 2 Quiz 1 John Hildebrand. At the end, kids who attended had a chance to reflect on what they learned and gave feedback. The classes wrote letters and sent off care packages in order for the packages to be received before Christmas.


Several students, families, community members, and organizations came together to celebrate diversity and cultures. Classroom Corn Snake eating a chicken egg! Steps to Revolution Worksheet Mebane Connelly. Astronomy students were instructed to use some common everyday materials to create a landing device that could safely deliver an egg from just about any height.

Vocabulary List 1 Carolyn Dalton.

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At the end, the entire book club summer gathered in the CCMS library to celebrate the sumer and reading! If you are different, be your own person, make your own path, make the world a better place than when you found it. At CCMS we do this by engaging students in academic sessions instructed by the counselor and followed up throughout the year in advisory classes.

Unit 2 Quiz 2 John Hildebrand. Welcome Class Policy Materials Mrs. One student asked how to return a fitbit they found to the owner.

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We recognized 12 Students of the Month, our sixth-eighth grade track team, students that made a weight lifting goal, and Gerka Green Winners. Here is a link to some pictures of the trip: Vocabulary Lesson 24 Words Melanie Henderson.


ccms summer homework

Follow these steps so that your child will be excused from their absence. Close View All Announcements. Website by SchoolMessenger Presence. Gamble spoke to the kids about her personal experiences growing up in the south, participating in the historic March on Washington, hearing Dr.

CCSD Welcomes a New Funding Model

On the fourth day the absence becomes a truancy. They were given the task to draw a model that answered the question, “Can you cut a donut into 8 pieces using only 3 cuts? Unit 3 Test John Hildebrand. Welcome to 7th Grade Dawn Young.