What feature s of the Lewis structure of benzene, Model 1, is inconsistent with the calculated C—C bond orders in Model 1? PCl3 and Cl2 must react to reduce the denominator and increase the numerator. What is the likely formula for a molecule composed of hydrogen atoms and one sulfur atom? A flow of electrons can be made to do work: Schematic diagram of a hydrogen atom based on the Bohr model. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. What is the relationship between IE and V for these hypothetical atoms?

Examine the drawing for the molecular shape of H2O given in Figure 2; note that the electron domain geometry is different for SO2 and make a similar drawing for SO2. Electronegativities for selected elements. If ever a book was written for students—this is it. This dramatically decreases the overall force of attraction pulling the outer electron toward the nucleus. For N2, is the sum of the bonding electrons and nonbonding electrons around each nitrogen atom consistent with the Lewis model? Why are three separate lines shown for the 2p energy level subshell?

The properties of a molecule depend on how the electrons are distributed in the molecule. How many protons are found in 12C? What is the S—O bond order in SO2— 4?

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Figure 1 below thinming an example for the ionic compound consisting of sodium ions and chloride ions. Why have scientists chosen to give the number 6. If there is any atom that undergoes a change in oxidation number, the reaction is an oxidation-reduction reaction.

What is the value of the energy level of the electron in Figure 2?


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Information Read materials assigned by your instructor on electromagnetic radiation, quantization of energy, and atomic spectra. Also, we have found that there appears to be a limit of 2 on the number of electrons that can chemactviity placed in an s subshell.

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The comparison is good. Thus, it appears that the AVEE of an element can be used to characterize whether that element is a metal or nonmetal.

chemactivity 28 critical thinking questions

You may use a diagram or diagrams as part of your answer, but you should explain the significance in words. Do any of the marbles in Model 2 have the average mass? This is consistent with the observation that aluminum exhibits all of the characteristic properties of a metal—good conductor of heat crigical electricity, highly reflective, malleable, etc. H2, H2O, CH4ionic compounds tend to exist as huge, three-dimensional networks of ions of opposite charge that are held together by ionic bonds.

Sometimes, as we have seen for CO2, there is more than one possible Lewis structure for a molecule.

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Place a point for SiO2 on the bond- type triangle. Why can C, N, O and F accommodate only eight electrons sum of the bonding and lone-pair electrons? One of the resonance structures for the nitrate ion, NO—3is shown below. Thus, we find that the structure of the elements using this Shell model is reflected in the placement of the elements in the periodic table.

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Obtain the energy required to break the bonds of the reacting molecules: A closed jar containing a gas is weighed. Based on your answer to CTQ 6, what do all nickel Ni atoms have in common? The first 3; the last 2.


Don’t just name the different types of bonding—describe how they are different. Give two interpretations of the number ” This is consistent with the fourth electron in Be being added to the second shell.

How many isotopes of magnesium occur naturally on Earth? What determines the height or intensity of each peak in a photoelectron spectrum?

chemactivity 28 critical thinking questions

Thus, for a large group of identical atoms, the electrons ejected will come from all possible energy levels of the atom. For each of the following species: Homework restaurant 31 communication becomes part of our educational goal is in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

In fact, because the valence electrons are all negatively charged, they repel each other also. Use the data in Model 1 to estimate the values in amu of a the mass of an electron, b the mass of a proton, and c the mass of a neutron.

How is the author thinking about the world? The rate constant increases because RT gets smaller as T gets larger, and so a smaller value is subtracted from tihnking A. Because the nuclei gain one proton as one moves from left to right across a period but the number of inner shell electrons remains constant.