I especially loved how well she played a tired teenager in her therapy scenes, her facial and especially verbal expressions showing just how much of a toll her academic life was starting to take upon her, all without going into over-dramatic histrionics, even when she was getting irritated with the questions about Alex’s family. Oh, everybody just be normal. There was one word left. Schools could have a program where they involve cute animals to play with, or maybe a video game lounge. She thinks that she can flirt her son all the way to Washington, but I’m gonna take her down. I bet she’d let me live.

And is that a great new sweater? I’m gonna put the “fizz” back in “phys ed. I did see that episode, and it had quite an impact on me. I’m the one who set this whole thing up. Only because you threw yourself at Mr.

No, please, please, please don’t go.

I wanted to play a spirited game of dodgeball, but — That sounds fun. And since you guys have the open house, I will be taking the bus. I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember.

Anything’s got to be better than this. Hopefully they don’t run out of the blue ones, because, for some reason, those help me study better.


claire dunphy homework rant

Right now, you’re teaching me how to be a little bitch. It’s what’s going to get me into a good school. I would say its the students fault because of time management.

I guess there’s your answer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I think at some points, the stress is the schools fault, for example when the semester is ending, I find most teachers pile on work cunphy try and get everything finished. Instead of carrying them around, I made a huge pile right over th– – Again?! One nitpick about this scene: As a nation, we push kids to be everything, to do everything, to try everything.

I want to be the teacher all the parents dunhy talking about. Well I just remembered that I forgot to charge my computer before I left and that I have to get new index cards before Monday. Well, you’re right — it is hard, but, you know, it’s also alienating. Yeah, I mean, it just seems to clajre running a lot, even when it’s, uh, kind of cool outside. There are many factors that bring stress to students, some which are obvious and some which are discreet.

Is School Stressing You Out? | adam su

So, when do you think you’ll be making your decision? It’s funny — Luke and I don’t usually go for the same kind of girl. Only one kid in the whole grade gets picked to go. Hey, you’re supposed to be the lookout.


claire dunphy homework rant

Dodgeball was a smash. Let’s get out of here. You’re being a little — – Obstreperous?!

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Good idea because those cupcakes look very dry. I don’t mean to be that guy. She thinks that she can flirt her son all the way to Washington, but I’m gonna take her down.

She’s a human being with feelings, not the front seat.

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This begins with good nutrition, uh, physical activity, sportsmanship, and attention to personal hygiene. I go and call my neighbor and play a computer game called minecraft.

claire dunphy homework rant

Furthermore, I enjoy spending time with family and taking breaks from school work. And it’s a good thing she took that deep breath beforehand.