The policeman help the children. The boy helps by Mary e. These shirts are dried behind my house. Do the police have be contacted by us emergency? The floor will be swept by Jack The theory developed by Dr. Math has study by Juan for a test.

How many doves has been sold by father in the market? Jackets were being worn by them in the class. Oleh siapa ayahmu bisa dimengerti pada waktu ini? The flowers is being watered by mother. What is always hunted by them every holiday?

Soal Passive Voice – Present Continuous Tense dan Jawabannya

A new palace will build by the government. Which foods will be able to be given to us?

Why is this difficult lesson by my wise teacher? My studying must begin by me right now. The robber may be killed the victim.

A letter is being wrote by Omar lastnight. The plane is flew by pilot twice a week. Must those works be done sincerely?


contoh soal essay passive voice dan jawabannya

Does his brother have to be accompanied by the boy every night? Berapa waktu yang bisa digunakan sebaik mungkin? Gillian will be met by Us at the airport. The assignments are being collected by teacher. Learning English Learning English through music and songs can be very enjoyable.

Soal Passive Voice – Present Perfect Tense dan Jawabannya

A girl operates her computer in her office. By how many sincere teachers can many naughty students be taught? Tom opens the door. Her problem is not always told by the lady to her mom.

English is Fun : Soal Latihan Passive Voice

Popcorn was being eaten by Tiara at the cinema. Do you eat bread?

contoh soal essay passive voice dan jawabannya

A reunion party is arranged by some students in the class room. The policeman help the children. Thomas will have signing the contract.

The reports will be received by The students 3. Mother is watering the flowers.


May I borrow your camera? We joined the match last month. He will be able to show his ability. Where must a big hole be dag by your father? They are singing the song.


Mark Twain wrote Life on the Mississippi. A new palace will be built by the government. By how many porters does our salary have to be gotten? Some books are not classified by the librarian.

contoh soal essay passive voice dan jawabannya

A reunion party are arranged by some students in the class room. Siapa yang selalu dibimbing olehnya pr dua kali seminggu?