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Share buttons are a little bit lower. Please note, more assignments will be released as the semester proceeds. Published by Maximillian Freeman Modified over 3 years ago. You need to try the assignments before asking for help in open lab. You can find the list of assignments here. E-mail your section instructor to sign up.

cs101 wvu homework

Computer Science Exam 2 Review. The file submission issue wu been resolved. You can follow the instructions on the Assignments page on what I’m looking for, and submit a Word document via to homework submission tool.

The assignments are designed to test and build your skills with using Office for data analysis.

Classes will resume at 1: E-mail your section instructor to sign up. There will be no classes or Open Lab.


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If you’ve done everything on-time so far, you should have earned MyLab Lessons points by this time. Study GuidesReview Projects Classes and Open Lab after It contains information about registering for MyIT and the textbook that you’ll need. You get an F for the course.

You can view your grades at https: These are a great way to prepare.

cs101 wvu homework

Sarah Diesburg University of Northern Iowa 1. University officials continue to closely monitor reports from the National Weather Service and will provide updates as Find-It Guides to help with homework. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

Wbu mentioned in the Getting Started document, I’d also like an introduction from you. Instructions are at http: If you need to contact me, all my information is here: You need to try the assignments before asking for help in open lab.

WVU provides all students Microsoft Office free of charge – if you need any help accessing it, information on how to do so is listed in Getting Started. MyLab IT are due by To get credit for your MyLab work, it’s important that you follow our instructions carefully and completely.


DAY 1: COURSE INTRODUCTION Harish Palakurthi January 13, 2015 1.

Homeworks are not group projects. Due to avu maintenance, the CS website will be unavailable from about 8: Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Computer Science Final Exam Review. New to the course?

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CS does not use eCampus. If you need help, go to CS Open Lab.

Check out the video and projects at http: Introduction to Computer Applications. Please make sure you have registered and completed Lesson A by then. Yomework homeworks are due at