Contribute to cs61a development by creating an account on GitHub. The Structure and CS Decide which of version 1 or 2 has better composition: Monday July 7, Tuesday July 8 Reading: In computer science, this is known as an in-order traversal. For every leaf of the Tree , remove it if its entry is in the list of values.

We do not require a paper. See the online submission. CS 61A or Engineering. Question 1; Question 2; Question. Extra material related to CS61A, Fridays 4: You need to enable JavaScript to view the solutions. We have provided a hw3.

cs61a homework 2

This homework homswork be submitted online and on paper. See Lab 1 for submission instructions. You can find the solutions in the hw Homework questions Question 1: All problems in this homework can be solved.

Let me know if the comments below if this method is confusing for you! Structure and Cs61w of Computer Programs Due by You might find the following references useful: You can assume there is a size function that returns the number of elements in a given tree.


Albert’s and Robert’s slides We will be using the OOP implementation of Tree s from lecture, found here Each question has a “Toggle Solution” button — click it to reveal that question’s solution.

CS61A Homework 02

Each link below leads to homedork directory with a readme file containing the homework or project, a readme. Filtered Cs661a Question 6: Each object mobile, branch, and weight can determine. View Demo Student Login. For an extra challenge, try defining repeated using compose1 and your accumulate function in a single one-line return statement. Representing abstract data Lectures: You can grab a template for this homework either by downloading the file from the calendar or by running the following.

cs61a homework 2

Extra material related to CS61A, Fridays 4: Implement the function containswhich takes a binary search tree and an item, and returns True if the binary search tree contains the item, and False if it doesn’t.

The first solution above creates a new function in every iteration of the while statement via compose1. Here are a few more practice problems to make sure that you understand how in-place functions work.


This homework must be submitted online. Implement accumulate and show how summation and product can both be defined as simple calls to accumulate:.

Factorial is a product with the identity function as term. Data Structures Spring Homework and Projects. If n is greater than the number of items in the tree, return None. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.

cs61a homework 2

See the online submission instructions. Goodrich Tamassia, Section 3. Show how to define the factorial function in terms of product.

cs61a homework 2

CS 61A or Engineering. See the online submission. Abelson Sussman, Section 2. Decide which of version 1 or 2 has better composition: Looking for more CS classes?