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Drawing on thirty-six months of ethnographic research in various occupational settings, I will examine the gendering of creativity and its unequal allocation among workers in a highly feminized occupation.

Isabelle Zinn | Goethe-Universit├Ąt Frankfurt am Main –

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This article addresses the question of how creativity is displayed among florists working in Switzerland, and questions how gender plays out in this process. Challenging the Gender Boundaries of Masculinities and Femininities e-book. It is pitiful to think of it.

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curriculum vitae masculin ou feminin

Why should the solid hill give way at this place, and swallow up a tree? Doctoral Program in Gender Studies, workshop on masculinities, with Prof. We therefore focus on the ways in which male florists account for their professional activities in normative gendered ways, whilst also stressing the opportunities for challenging gender norms that are associated with the minority status of being a man in a highly feminized occupation.

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Our main interest lies in the idea that individuals invest gender norms with varying levels of salience in specific social contexts. A case study of the meat sector in Switzerland This ethnographic study of the meat sector in Switzerland investigates how an occupation becomes gendered, and more particularly the role played by professional training curricula in this labeling process.

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curriculum vitae masculin ou feminin