Sure it is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Why some students go out of their way and even spend their own money instead of joining free military training in the campuses? As I perform a duty to our country, it was at the same time my major source of sustenance for my family and loved ones. Those who were not able to adjust quick enough opted to send their students to other universities which had ready if not quick formula for compliance with the law. So we aim for academic excellence in military science instead of excellence in drill, physical exercise, and skills in military combat.

The guest speaker was then awarded a Certificate of Appreciation. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There were graduates broken down as follows: The kind of wars we have today comes from internal threats and not external. So we had scouting for college students, they call the Rover Scouts! Keep up the best work! Email required Address never made public.

Let us not give them a reason to celebrate! Thank you NSTP Officials, for being our heads up — for welcoming us with open arms, for spearheading the large number of mostly freshmen students.

Worse, even the course syllabus and approaches were subject to interpretation by the implementing Universities. So youth military training for national defense became just one of the three components of the NSTP law whose primary purpose is gradustion the youth for nation grduation.

A lot of things have been done, and yet to be done, still, the NSTP has made a mark for its simple yet great achievements and recognitions. Clearly, there is a gap created in military training capability of speecy citizenry the moment CWTS and LTS were made as co-equal options.

Xavier University – NSTP culmination highlights ‘caring for our common home’

Live life to the fullest, and express yourself; think of today as your speecb. Life is what you make it. Why some students go out of their way and even spend their own money instead of joining free military training in the campuses?


Almario, Campus Registrar to Dr. Just like many of you, I once had been filled with hopes that by taking this military course I would learn self-discipline and leadership more than its fulfillment as a requirement graduafion complete my University degree.

NSTP Area holds graduation

But the other students watching the beauty of the formation could feel the agony behind the beautiful scene. Sure this program instills social awareness necessary in nation building, but sometimes it is time consuming and expensive for some because they have to go out of their campuses to comply with the required number of hours of service. We have learned to make things simple, to focus on what must be accomplished, and to have that initiative and motivation to work.

Try to flashback the past guys… Way back in June 17,when we had our first NSTP Sunday at the CET grounds, we were like strangers longing for answers to questions like How can we help our own community in our very simple way? How our country adopted such a law which weakens some foundations of our military structure is as much a threat to our national security as the overt forces that seek to overthrow it by force. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: We now ask the question: Thank you to our very own coordinator and facilitator, Dr.

How will I be a good example to other people? These recognitions, appreciations, all these stuffs are nothing without all of us. In the University of the Philippines, there was devolution of the implementation of the NSTP Program to the colleges which implemented it in accordance with the courses they were offering.


Email required Address never made public.

cwts graduation speech

We emphasize its military training character more than its capacity to instill sense of nationalism and love for country. Everything goes by so fast.

The concept is still being adjusted as they face problems. The Campus NSTP Coordinator gave her closing remarks, and the activity ended with a Unity Dance which was participated in by all the graduates together with the guests and course facilitators.

cwts graduation speech

En hora buena para kanatun todobecause we have finally come to an end. Elmer Albaladejo, University NSTP Coordinator, who delivered a very inspiring message with a speecch of reminders, and tips how to succeed and serve at the same time.

One school with social orientation tied up with non-government organizations in delivering free services to certain sectors include babysitting for the poor families.

cwts graduation speech

Personally, allow me to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends, and classmates, especially to my WangBu barkada of BSAc-I, for giving me the courage, wisdom, strength, and the conscience to work not only for myself, but for the good of everyone.

This is why we have to be more vigilant in Congress of the Philippines where enemies of the state may now have access through possibly some partylist representatives. Labastilla, for being with us in laughs and tears, for being the workaholic facilitator that we met in our very lives. This site uses cookies.

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