Despite the obvious relevance of territorial issues to the most important events of the nineteenth century—it was the question of slavery in the territories that sparked the Civil War—we nevertheless find it easy to conceive of territories as embryonic states, and thus to touch only lightly on their subjugated status. In collaboration with Third World policymakers, they designed a political project—community development—that came to hold sway throughout the global South in the s. A Global Ecological History Cambridge, With time, Indian Territory was whittled down to Oklahoma. It challenges the current preoccupation with modernization theory in the U. The present historiographical preoccupation with U. The extraordinary maps they made showed the United States as it had become, not a contiguous mass but rather an empire with global reach.

On March 1, , just 47 days after the Treaty of Paris granting the United States independence was ratified, Virginia ceded its claims over the area north of the Ohio River to the federal government. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. The Right to Sell and Leave. The country claimed 94 such islands, nearly all in the Caribbean and Pacific, by Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that a full census of all the people who lived under U. Puerto Rican scholars have written a great deal about Albizu, who is a towering figure in Puerto Rican culture. We typically say that the end of the war left the United States in a global position of economic and political supremacy.

Citing articles via Web of Science Passage to statehood did come quickly in some cases, such as gold-rush California.

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Unfortunately, lesser developed countries often tend to also have less legitimate governments and less adherence to strict rule of law.


March is a month diplomatic historians know well. Inthe United States began annexing guano islands—uninhabited islands possessing valuable fertilizer.

Can we say the same about the overseas territories? Consider that, inAfrican Americans made up less than nine percent of the population.

The logo-map silhouette was completed inwith the Gadsden Purchase. A Global Ecological History Cambridge, It is tempting to think that dissertatkon overseas territories can be safely dismissed in this way because they were small and remote. Amy Kaplan and Donald Pease, eds. They are maintained, not through informal influence, but through legal agreements, formal incursions onto the sovereignty of host nations.

By its entry into the First World War inthe United States could appear on the global stage as an ideologically anti-colonial force, even though it still held a sizeable empire. Well before all of the continental territories became states, the United States embarked on a second phase of territorial history: Congress rejected the proposal, though, partly to avoid the prospect of Indian representatives in the Capitol.

It is an extraordinary fact about dissertatioj United States that its western territories became states, parts of the union on an equal footing with older states.

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Immerwahr’s Dissertation: The United States and Community Development

We can see, better than we could before, how the territorial extensions of the United States matter today, and how they have mattered in the past. What we rarely acknowledge is how eissertation territory the U.

Because my calculation does not include states that were never territories, it excludes 1 the original thirteen states, 2 states that were carved out of existing states KY, ME, WVand 3 independent republics that were admitted as states TX, VT. It furthers dainel University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.


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The comparison is enlightening. Territories with no indigenous populations, such as Wake Island, are listed as unpopulated, although the United States often stationed military outposts on them.

daniel immerwahr dissertation

The — annexations showed U. At its establishment inIndian Territory extended from the top of present-day Texas to the Canadian border and from the Mississippi to the Disesrtation. There is a K-8 school named after him in Harlem: The aim was to protect the lives of U.

In recent decades, im,erwahr have become aware of the blindness, arrogance, and recklessness that have accompanied attempts by industrialized nations to develop the global South. The Crisis in Historical Perspectiverev.

Why has this figure, who seems so immediately fascinating, not part of mainstream U. Rather than designing aid programs in the United States and exporting them, U. Not only was the occupation dissertation onerous, but the reconquest of those colonies by the United States was extraordinarily violent.

Additional research interests include the history of capitalism and intellectual history. Bouda Etemad, Possessing the World: David Rumsey Map Collection. McCormick, interview with James G.