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Nyad was escorted by a paddler in a kayak equipped with an electronic shark repellent known as a Shark Shield. In her autobiography Nyad described marathon swimming as a battle for survival against a brutal foe—the sea—and the only victory possible is to “touch the other shore. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Diana Nyad. Retrieved November 9, Heard on All Things Considered. Views Read Edit View history.

Diana Nyad’s essay on high school swim coach’s sexual assaults is a gut-wrenching wake-up call

My Life After Sexual Assault”. Nya November 9, Nyad moved her training site from the Caribbean island of St. People say, now, come on. Nyad described how she used mental games to pass the long, solitary hours underwater by counting in foreign languages, singing songs to herself “There was a lot of Janis Joplin,” she saidand thinking about books she’d read.

Archived from the original on August 14, She broke numerous world records, including the year-old mark for exsay Manhattan Island 7 hrs, 57 min in Archived from the original on March 20, Comedian releases novel inspired esssay his Irish roots. She plodded along at a steady pace, 51 strokes a minute and 1. To keep Nyad swimming in a straight line, her specially designed, slow-moving catamaran support boat deployed a foot 3.


diana nyad essay

But all of this comes at a time when women around the world and across professions are speaking up about sexual abuse. We won’t know the exact starting point probably until the night before. Retrieved September 2, Do you feel free now? New York City man sentenced to 6 years in prison for paying students to build bombs.

She’s a record-breaking swimmer, author and motivational speaker. The swim was Nyad’s fifth attempt at completing the distance from Cuba to Florida, a feat that she first attempted at age 28 inafter a career of marathon swimming.

diana nyad essay

They were a full day ahead of schedule, with wind pushing them north toward Florida, and no jellyfish in the area due to tidal conditions. Senate candidate in Alabama. Retrieved April 4, You’ll never have a life.

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Diana Nyad Opens Up About Being Sexually Abused : NPR

I’d love to wind up in Key West, but it will depend on trajectory of the Gulf Stream. That’s the time also when the water starts to get to its hottest.


Nyad now plans to celebrate, starting with a parade in Key West, Tuesday night. Dizna for the future, Nyad said she will keep swimming. There he was, a charismatic pillar of the community.

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Diana Nyad said she battled “hell on earth” conditions while swimming Saturday night from Cuba to Florida before finally realizing her year dream of completing the record-breaking swim. Trump Organization appeals ruling letting Democrats see Trump’s financial records. Maarten to Key WestFlorida, in June Keeping a boat headed in a straight line, in the ocean, while moving at only 1 to 2 knots is very difficult, and her catamaran is equipped with thrusters and a special sea anchor in case of following fssay to stabilize its course.

VA med school could not ‘conclusively determine’ whether Northam in racist photo. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Diana Nyad.

diana nyad essay

Over two days inNyad swam from Bimini to Florida, setting a distance record for non-stop swimming without a wetsuit that still stands today.

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