See an example of a title page here. It is a good idea, if you are clear about who you should thank – don’t just include one because you feel you ought to. Number them consecutively, using Arabic numbers e. This can range from comb binding with a plastic front and back cover that you can do yourself, to professional binding with a soft or hard back cover. To avoid plagiarism, make sure you include references within your assignment to all sources you use and then include full details of all the sources in a reference list at the end of your work. All these sections, with correct numbering, appear in the general dissertation template which can be accessed below.

If you use our dissertation template , you’ll find the title page formatted just right. The process word in your essay question should show you this. Strong verbs – collect, construct, classify, develop, devise, measure, produce, revise, select, synthesise Weak verbs – appreciate, consider, enquire, learn, know, understand, be aware of, appreciate, listen, perceive Objectives should also be S. The main body is numbered using Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. These would normally be included in your List of illustrations.

dissertation layout solent

Bibliography A page where you give the detailed references for all source materials dissertqtion have read. The main discussion will require a more detailed breakdown than other sections. Introduction This disserhation has been archived! Use white A4 paper of a reasonable thickness not too thin and not thick like card Single sided print on one side of the paper only Your paper should be bound and covered — plastic comb binding is the most common way Your School should provide you with the standard Rissertation University front and back cover that has window in the front to show the assignment details take a look at an example title page that has the dissertation details in the correct place to appear through the cover window If your dissertation is in any way different to the normal format as, for example, some design dissertations may beconsult your supervisor for correct presentation.


Check with your supervisor.

Archived Material (Dissertations): Dissertation proposals & dissertation checklist

It has the dissertation details in the correct place to appear through the cover window. This is where you list all of your research reading if you have included a literature survey. Number figures and tables separately 2.

Presentation This content has been archived! Literature survey Secondary data will be reviewed initial through the university library using a range of information sources such as the OPAC system, academic and commercial abstracts, bibliographic databases, and Laout search engines. This is usually restricted to the main body as the overall structure is often prescribed. Abstract This content has been archived! Objectiveson the other hand, should be specific statements that define measurable outcomes, e.

It should also be sufficiently detailed for your supervisor to identify any areas of weakness in order to provide you with appropriate guidance:.

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Secondly, how important do you view this paper you are handing in? Your thesis or dissertation will involve a large body of research so it is important vissertation explain what research methods you used to collect your information. Online orders including posters, dissertations and a wide range of printing, finishing and binding options can also be placed using this Canon Print Centre link.

Everyone else will be too! Choosing an essay topic Next: Here you make interpretations and judgements. Literature survey This content has been archived! Summary-What an essay should look like PDF opens in new window.


dissertation layout solent

Outline the problem — what is the key issue? This can range idssertation comb binding with a plastic front and back cover that you can do yourself, to professional binding with a soft or hard back cover.

For research data management queries please email ResearchData soton. You can outline the sections to be included layouut give a very brief statement of the background to the topic.

LaTeX is extensively used by engineers and scientists because it handles maths and equations brilliantly, and by linguists because it can cope with multiple and obscure languages. Main body – recommendations This content has been archived! Binding Generally, dissertations must be bound.

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Ask if they can provide you with dissertation writing guidelines. Have you checked the word count? Title page Your dissertation or thesis will definitely need to have a title page – it’ll look something like the one we’ve put here on the right this is taken from one held at the Solent Electronic Archivewhich is why it has ‘for reference only’ stamped on it.

Literature survey summary PDF opens in new window. Next, you will need to detail dissertahion resources needed to complete the study.

dissertation layout solent

Conclusion The conclusion always:. This will depend on the prefences of your department or tutor. You also have ought to use a idssertation page numbering system for your appendices ‘A-1’, ‘A-2’ etc.