Before there used to be three in Madrid city, one in Alcorcon and another one in Coslada cities of the Community of Madrid where many Romanians live. Such as the price, the time to sort it out, the time until it is processed or the need on keeping study which implies time to do it. I just thought a mother of a three years old kid does not care so much on the language but on how is he taken care. I am hired for that, to do the domestic labors, so these are my duties and this is what I have to achieve. Additionally, the literature review has been of great importance at the moment of interpreting the collected data.

Although the participants made an important reference to this idea along their narratives, which is a very important factor of the migratory process, here it will be considered as an additional aspect that constantly interacts with all the concepts analysed in this chapter. Thus, there was no pressure on expanding public services as it covered the need. The project partner meet to discuss new application areas for the eID infrastructure in Germany and Europe. This talk was very useful to understand how the Access Healthcare Reform has influenced Romanians although being EU citizens. The loss of competences and self deskilling When Flavia became a regular migrant in , before working as a Spanish teacher for immigrants, she acknowledged all her degrees paying the taxes and sworn translating all documents. One of the research requirements was that all participants should have had a superior specific education.

InI finished my studies of Translation and Interpreting for English and French specialising in international law in Madrid. Although the participants made an important reference to this idea along their narratives, which is a very important factor of the migratory process, here it will be considered as an additional aspect that constantly interacts with all the concepts analysed in this chapter.

This study is situated on two broad topics: My children are the first ones telling me that I should go back home but how?? In particular, it will shed light to the consequences that EU institutional processes have on re producing gender inequalities, moreover among the Romanian population in Spain and their prolonged restricted citizenship.


Even if I might know more, I will keep it for myself, even when they are not even right.

In this sense, it also provides self confidence which allows showing determination for one self and the host society. By answering the research questions I aim to visibilize the influences and consequences that the institutional processes have on the Romanian qualified women in the Spanish labour market.

However in many cases, even the family relatives, they were a source of conflicts, labour competition or jealousies: However, other concepts and theories are also throughout the analysis briefly mentioned understanding their great relevance for further research.

Thus the subtle institutional direction to the most feminized and non-qualified sectors is brought to light.

Milligan argues that the sense of loss experienced by individuals as a result of migration leads to the discontinuity of identity embedded in the former place of attachment. Nonetheless, this structure is a personal composition, interpretation and connection of theories where notes and personal research insights have been added.

— Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Therefore you just even try to avoid the contact with your people. This time I was not enrolled at any university, there was no support to look for accommodations, I did not have any contacts and I basically came to work.

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Attitudes towards the migratory projects The main topic of this years conference was ‘smart sustainability’. The group discussion was designed as a concluding activity, therefore the most relevant topics from the perspective of the subject taken out of the life disesrtation interviews were the ones considered here. Members of the eCoInnovateIT project from the University of Oldenburg got in touch with entrepreneurs and other researchers to discuss new concepts and share ideas on how to sawkia the lifetime of our smartphones.

Thus, the high level of gender discrimination in employment and the scarce government support for women in paid works were additional factors that contributed to look for opportunities abroad Currie, According to Sciortino oldenbudg Her testimonies can also be understood as a form of disobedience and resistance towards the state.



Los Molinos as well of Therefore, a sophisticated circular migration system was developed Marcu, Therefore, all participants were constrained to start working in the irregular labour market oldennburg jobs where a formal contract was not required.

Since the very beginning, I explained who I was and what and why I was doing this.

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Labour sectors that are mostly feminized, underqualified and, underpaid with degrading working conditions. Cultural patterns of oppression are not only interrelated, but are bound together and disserrtation by the intersectional systems of society. Therefore Romanian nationals were affected by their entrance into the EU Arranz p.

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This opportunity aims to enhance the quality of higher education and promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through mobility and academic cooperation based on Erasmus Mundus programe. I am actually very happy working in my houses but at the same time no one insures me and gives me a formal contract. For instance, Dorina found a job which actually at the end turned not to be successful: Throughout this research, I realized that this was a very common feeling and reaction among the participants.

The family compositions are usually formed by relatives of more than three generations Pajares, ; Pries, However, when they write in Spanish they do not feel sure and do many mistakes, which is fundamental for the jobs they would like to undertake. It is estimated that just in the industry sector, 1. In the case of migrant Romanian women working in the domestic and care sector, they emerge from their structural location as perceived inferior women, low wage workers, highly educated, and members of the secondary tier of the transnational workforce in global restructuring.