It makes very little sense, and to explain the nonsensical happenings, is the simple fact that this is mathMAGICland. The animation is fantastic. Personally, I think Donald Duck did as least as much, coupled of course with the beautiful, calm voice of the narrator Paul Frees. The wholeness bad thing about the movie was that they could have elect a better main character because most of the conviction I could not understand Donald Duck at all. Nothing on universe is created without the principles of patterns. This is not much of a story.

It is in us. Mathematics does not only exist in Mathmagic Land. Donald even volunteers the game Tiddlywinks , but the Spirit does not pursue this option. Nothing on universe is created without the principles of patterns. At the same time in the USA both the Physics and Chemistry curriculum was given a comprehensive upheaval to make the country more competitive in the Space race. Yes No Report this.

Nominated for 1 Oscar. For me, the loss of fascination on Mathematics is alarming.

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Donald Duck, holding a edsay rifle, passes through a doorway to find on he has entered Mathmagic Land. He does most of the educational exposition while Donald the Duck, initially bearing a esssay a far different time to the classrooms of today and voiced by his year mainstay legend Clarence Nash, follows along. Even as a youngster, I was intrigued by the closing scenes of the movie where Donald stands in front of a long corridor of doors, the nearby ones opened and the farther ones closed.


The animation features constant morphing of shapes and it’s hard to imagine that these animators could use these techniques 50 years ago. After some mental house-cleaning, Donald plays with a circle and a triangle in his mind, he spins them to make them respectively into a sphere and a coneand then he discovers useful inventions such as the wheeltrainmagnifying glassdrillspringpropellerand telescope. Buena Vista Film Distribution Company.

donald duck in mathmagic land essay

Yes No Report this. Paul Frees, with his melodic tones, explains to Donald that these are the doors of the future and that they will be opened, in time, through mathematics.

donald duck in mathmagic land essay

A mysterious thief has stolen the prosperous Donld Valley’s most prized possession: Donald in Mathmagic Land 7. Ben and Me So to me, Walt Disney choosing Donald to star in a documentary about Mathematics was a masterstroke. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Thanks for dropping by pepsiritsit! Full Cast and Crew. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Anyone can understand and embrace math. The extended billiards scene, which features a non-speaking live actor, shows the calculations involved in the game’s “diamond system”, and Donald finally learns how to do the calculations, spectacularly hitting ten cushions in a single shot.


DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM REVIEW: Donald in Mathmagic Land — Every Movie Has a Lesson

Face it folks, I can review and find life lessons in anything. A geometric bird recites almost perfectly the first 15 digits of pi. He is well into his retirement years but he is still active visiting schools encouraging more interest in electronics and coding. Film articles using image size parameter.

donald duck in mathmagic land essay

I added that no one can escape from the world of Mathematics. Retrieved 13 May The segment ends with a sequence of live action musicians playing both jazz and classical music and Pythagoras’ pals fading away.

Donald Duck film series.


Through this journey it is shown how numbers are more than graphs and mathmagix, they are geometry, music and magical living things. The film was directed by Hamilton Luske. Retrieved May 20, Nothing bad will happen if you will learn to value Mathematics. He works with three other older cronies in a small company called Kitshop. Edit Cast Uncredited cast: