Journal of Nursing Administration, 8 11 , pp. Canadian Nursing Journal of Research, 30 4 p The nurse has an important, and possible challenging role at this moment. Most nursing theories utilize the four metaparadims: This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. Major concepts of the theory.

According to Orem, Renpenning and Taylor , the self-care deficit theory of nursing developed by Dorothea E. It is concerned with the self and I of a person. Housed too few prisoners 3. Journal of Nursing Administration, 8 11 , pp. Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site.

Central Nervous System Cancers Essay. The theory comprises of three theories which are interrelated including: Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing is a conceptual model, which is comprised of three related theories. Through education, balance is maintained in nursing practice.

The theory of self-care deficit is the core of Orem’s general theory of nursing because it defines when nursing is needed. Professional Nursing Practices Essay words – 9 pages: The theory also allows patients to use self-care to maintain optimal health and independence while nurses perform primary evaluation and implement the nursing process to meet other o in order of priority.

If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to doroteha via email. Essentially, the environment is the sub-component of an individual thus provides the context within which such an individual exists.

The Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory Essay

As a nursing professional, Orem was involved in different fields including nursing practice, nursing education and nursing service. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How the concepts are defined. For persons who are unable to act as self- care agents, the nursing system adequately supports them so that their needs can be met.


The concepts are expressed directly and thus are readily observable to any individual. Models define nursing and provide a consistent and efficient way to communication within the profession. The aim of the theory is to help individuals and their families to maintain control of their health during the continuum of life.

The second step in the nursing process requires nursing professionals to develop a plan and system for care delivery.

Dorothea is much like Nora, in that she is not happy with her life, and finally is brave enough to do something about it. Fundamentals of Nursing 4th ed.

Dorothea Orem’s Self Care Deficit Theory Essay

Nursing problem slf basically any deficits in health care conditions. The nursing assessment therefore must reflect the model’s philosophy. The infamous nursing pioneer, Dorothea Elizabeth Orem, set the bar for nurses worldwide.

Mbuti People of Zaire Essay.

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Most nursing theories utilize the four metaparadims: Nursing is required when an adult is incapable of or limited in the provision of continuous tyeory self-care. One such assumption is that human beings are continuously involved in continuous interchange amongst themselves and the environment in which they exit in order to function and survive.


Orem had a rich educational background. Self-care as well as dependent care behavior are fostered and learnt within the social cultural context.

dorothea orem theory of self care essay

Dorothea Orem was born in Baltimore Maryland. Will Evidence-based nursing practice make practice perfect?

dorothea orem theory of self care essay

In her work Nursing: How about make it original? However, to improve health, it is important that patients are educated about current illness and the plan of care that will be performed so that optimal health can be restored. In essence, the esszy can enhance knowledge on how I can deliver the best care on a one on one basis.

It revealed that overtime there may be the need to obtain assistance, and making adjustments orek of changes in health, development or body image.

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