The autopsy revealed a needle puncture mark in the left buttock, a healthy heart and no discernible cause of death. Either case, taken on its own, might have resulted in acquittal, but coming in such quick succession, the two proved insurmountable. Coppolino holds a unique position as the only person ever charged with two entirely separate “love triangle” murders. It was claimed that Coppolino had also killed Farber in the same way. Disaster struck when Carmela Coppolino failed the Florida medical examination. Wilson, Colin and Donald Seaman. December , ; second trial:

Carl Coppolino appeared a sure bet to beat the less likely charge that he had murdered his own wife. Carl Anthony Coppolino Trials: State Attorney Frank Schaub, recognizing that there was no direct evidence to link Carl Coppolino with the death of Carmela Coppolino, piled up a mountain of inconsistencies and motives for murder that the defense couldn’t counter. Milton Helpern did the autopsies. The only solution is to marry again — and as soon as possible. So that he could marry his lover.

On the evening of July 30,Marjorie Farber telephoned the Coppolinos in a state of panic.

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Break her testimony and Helpern’s words would fall on deaf ears. Milton Helpern, New York’s chief medical examiner.

dr. coppolino case study

Carl Anthony Coppolino Crime Charged: She wants this man so badly that she would sit on his lap in the electric chair while somebody pulled the switch, just to make sure that he dies.

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Wife and death: Doc gives murder and adultery a shot

Shifting tactics, Bailey ridiculed Farber’s claim of having been an fr. but helpless participant in the murder, saying he would produce medical testimony to prove such obeisance impossible. Schaub proved to the jurors that it was also used on Carmela, injected into her left buttock in such massive dosage that it paralyzed and within minutes killed her. December; second trial: InCoppolino married a fellow medical student, Carmela Musetta, a doctor’s daughter from Boonton, N.

Marjorie Farber’s husband William Farber, at first tolerated the liaison, then grew resentful.

dr. coppolino case study

There had been no murder at all; everything she said had been a lie, a figment of her malicious imagination, instigated by an evil desire for revenge on the man who had ditched her. After deliberating for less than five hours they returned a verdict of not guilty.

Marjorie Farber, who had pursued Coppolino to Florida in hopes of resurrecting their romance, was incensed by this turn of events.

Over a torrent of prosecution objections, Bailey pressed on: When Bailey sat down, the battle lines had been drawn. A second jury, confronted by much the same forensic testimony alone, arrived at a very different verdict. Now it was time for the first prosecution witness: Farber reprised her broken-hearted testimony, coppoilno prosecutor Frank Schaub leaned heavily on forensic drug evidence from Dr.

Lee Bailey knew his only hope lay in totally discrediting Marjorie Farber. Apart from being “all blue down one side,” caee was no outward sign of distress to the body.


Tracing the Untraceable Time.

Could Carl come over immediately? Could Carl come over immediately? Whatever the reasoning, their decision saved Coppolino from Death Row. The jury in Florida returned a verdict of second degree murder, and Coppolino went to prison on a life sentence.

After considerable interstate wrangling, Coppolino stood trial in New Jersey for the murder of William Farber. Csae this technique, he eventually proved to his satisfaction that there was an abnormally high concentration of succinic acid in the organs of the body. August 28, Date of birth: New Coppolkno authorities exhumed Carmela’s body.

Supported sr. a disability benefit, royalties from writing, and the salary of his wife Carmela, also a physician, Coppolino began a torrid affair with year-old housewife Marjorie Farber, a vivacious woman who looked much younger than her years.

The two trials of Dr. But Carmela Coppolino’s refusal to grant him a divorce had blown that idea sky-high. His opening address contained a ringing indictment:. She found Farber dead.