Students will write one paragraph weekly, focusing on the organization and format of the paragraph itself. Trainees shall prepare a dissertation based on the clinical or experimental work or any other study conducted by them under the supervision of the postgraduate guide. Clinical and Procedural skills: Management of medically compromised patients with DM. It is essential to monitor the learning progress of each candidate through continuous appraisal and regular assessment. Skills psycho motor domain 3.

Case Presentation – Marks a Long case — 20 marks b Short case — 10 marks ii. Structure of salivary glands, saliva composition, regulation of secretion of saliva, functions of saliva, mastication, deglutition. Cysts and tumors of odontogenic origin. Journal of periodontal Research 4. Principles of surgical audit – understanding the audit of process and outcome.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Diagnosis, history taking, clinical examination, investigations. The record includes academic activities as well as the presentations carried out by the candidate. Smear Presentation — 20 ntrkhs Cytology or microbial smear and staining iv.

Management of medically compromised patients with renal disease. Nov 12, been showing a decline over the last few years, Dr.


Able to understand the principles of prevention and preventive dentistry right from birth to adolescents 4. Preparation of frozen sections and cytological smears.

If you are writing this research paper, you should always make sure you ideas or help are constructive. All departments should attend CPCs.

Dento-facial orthopedic appliances like head gears, rapid maxillary expansion niti expander etc.


dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

An Alternative to Dentures. Students should be prepared to answer overlapping topics. Processing of image in radiology.

The assessment be made by faculty members and peers attending the meeting using Model Checklist 1 in Section IV. Vascular supply of face, neck and oral cavity.

Monitoring Learning Progress It is essential to monitor the learning progress to each candidate through continuous appraisal and regular assessment. Skills in outpatient and ward work should be assessed periodically.

Metabolism – Carbohydrate, protein, fat and mineral metabolism. Dental specialists like the other health professionals are confronted with many ethical problems.

What does your reading of the play teach you about going into the world?

One Seminar per week to be conducted in the department. There should be more emphasis on didactic lectures and major part of the learning time should be devoted to demonstrations, group discussions, seminars, clinical work dt conferences stressing more on prevention of oral diseases instead of traditional teaching on curative aspects to enable them to develop expression, character and personality and other qualities essential for a dental postgraduate to tuidelines the community and nation effectively.


Anatomy of Face – Skin and subcutaneous tissue of oral cavity, face, scalp and neck. Immunology — antigen ntruhd reaction, allergy, hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis, auto immunity, grafts, viral hepatitis, HIV infections and AIDS. Volume 1 — Louis W Ripa Develop an attitude to seek opinion from allied medical and dental specialties, as and when required. Faulty radiographs and concept of ideal radiograph.


With the advances in science and technology and the increasing needs of the patient, their families and community, there is a concern for the health of the community as a whole.

Ntr university thesis guidelines

The education process should be an evolving one and not merely a process of acquisition of a large number of disjointed facts without a proper perspective. Pulp capping, Pulpotomy, Apexogenesis, Apexification.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Diagnostic skills in recognition of oral dissertaion with radiographic diagnosis and Their management. The following requirements should be fulfilled by every candidate to become eligible to appear for the final examination i. Upper Hawley’s appliance with posterior bite plane 3.

Develop attitude to seek opinion from allied medical and dental specialists as and when required. Bacterial, viral, mycotic infections of the oral cavity. Check list For all MDS Specialities Journal reviews, seminars, clinical work in OPD, clinical case presentations teaching skills, dissertation presentation and overall assessment of the candidate has to be evaluated by the following check lists.

Submission of two copies of Library Assignments at the ntduhs of 1 and 2nd year submission of pre-clinical work as scheduled.