There are many similar questions. This module is essential to students of the Life Sciences. I did well for CA1 and my lab reports, but CA2 probably screwed up badly. It was a sour feeling when I ended the CA2, fearing for my grades. And this was a wonderful move. This module teaches the structure, organization and function of genes and genomes in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes e.

Also, both lecturers promptly released the answer key for all the quiz and the CA. There were quite a fair bit of calculation for his portion. International standard ISO This module aims to examine the physiological and biochemical adaptations of animals which permit them to thrive in diverse environments. I can now better appreciate what is in my food and what my body does with them.

Besides, some of the concepts may be less straightforward as they involve some biochemistry and chemistry in general.

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The bell curve is really steep, making scoring difficult. Statistics for life science This module introduces life science students to the basic principles and methods of biostatistics, and their applications and interpretation.

dsc2006 term paper

Short questions Around questions per booklet. I got one of the highest in the cohort, and Thilo actually personally emailed me to tell me that he enjoyed my video!

Rule of thumb, whenever I found the information a tad too complicated for my liking, they are more than often not tested. The focus here will be on the translation of the LDHA into proteins and the isolation, harvesting and purification of the protein. The enzyme names are even more sophisticated and plain weird. My tutor A biologist! The introductory module to finance!


In comparison, PC had questions that would reward accordingly students with different level of understanding. In short, facts and understanding was tested.

Very disappointed with this result as I have always done relatively well for my accounting modules. Many a times, knowing how to do the calculations was not as important as the SPSS will take care of that. Hopefully, they are of help to those of you searching for more info apper a certain mod.

Higgs was actively involved in the Edinburgh University branch of the Association of University Teachers, through which he agitated for greater staff involvement in the management of the physics department.

The biology reasoning behind the various major theories of evolution. Major topics covered are gene identification, genetic diagnosis, and gene therapy. I was unable to dscc2006 a few questions Literally left it blank as they require wordy description which I did not study for at all.

Pretty sure no one bought them anyway. Disparities in healthcare vsc2006 been linked to inadequate resources, view our Privacy Policy. Practical sessions are mundane and I did not really enjoy it. Just look through them and form the answers in your mind should do.


My results this semester: Accounting Information Systems, AIS for short, is an introductory module on how accounting records and information are recorded in the real world. Psper other words, this CA is not the differentiating factor between your A and B. The 2nd half of this module was taught by Prof Maxey.

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The concepts got increasingly terk as the semester went on, but I thought Vik Gopal did a really good job in explaining them. I guess the bell curve was really steep and I slipped at the finals. Sheets of paper bound at one edge, as well as the official United Nations document format. Those with a background in all 3 discipline of science will be at an advantage.

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A size chart illustrating the Architectural sizes. Did the reviews help?

Consistent revision is required for this module as the content is really heavy. Conceptually slightly more demanding, but rather interesting and applicable topics. Overall this was the least enjoyable module this semester.