If the system is operating normally then our measurement will, of course, be consistent. Each route monitors the congestion for the links along its route. The goal is to find the smallest memory M consistent with this data. Another type of risk exposure is due to fluctations in the returns of the individual assets. In many applications we want to minimize another norm of x i. The data is a set of frequency response measurements, with some measurement errors. You can visually estimate them giving a short justification , or estimate them by any other method but you must explain your method.

It then adjusts its source rate proportional to the sum of the congestion along its route. You do not know the parameter s, or the channel impulse response h 0 ,. Plot J versus iteration k, with J on a logarithmic scale, and k on a linear scale, using the command semilogy. We are going to design an equalizer for the system, i. Fish that are between one and two years old in the current year t bear an average of 2 offspring each.

ee263 homework 9 solutions

At node i, an external information flow si which is nonnegative enters. Another term for this MA model is 3-tap system, where taps refer to taps on a delay line. We are only asking you to find the average percentage error for your model; we do not require that your model minimize the average percentage ed263.

ee263 homework 9 solutions

Express the population dynamics as an autonomous linear system with state x ti. Solytions the solufions structure of A. You must fully explain your reasoning and method, in addition to providing the numerical solution. This is just so you can see how well your smooth reconstruction method does in recon- structing the original array.


If A and B are onto, then so is the matrix. Note that this condition is a stronger condition than the estimator being unbiased.

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Plot J versus iteration k, with J on a logarithmic scale, and k on a linear scale, using the command semilogy.

Use this u to show that Soluttions is singular. In fact, there are many right inverses of A, which opens the possibility that we can seek right inverses that in addition have other properties. It is basically the input used in a disk drive to move the head from one track to another, while respecting a maximum possible current in the disk drive motor coil.

For each of the following statements, either show that it is true, or give a specific counterexample. Convolution systems are also called linear time-invariant systems. This type of model has several names. Give c and d explicitly, and draw a picture showing a, b, c, and the halfspace.

Each row of these matrices is a unit vector, so multiplication with either matrix just stuffs the entries of the w vectors into particular locations in vec U. In other words, find i, j which maximize the number of paths of length 10 from i to j.

This cycle repeats indefinitely: They are called complements if they tend to be used together e. Thus, multiplication by Q gives reflection through the plane with normal vector u.


If you need to make any assumptions about rank of some matrix, do so. Note that this congestion control method is distributed ; each source only needs to know the congestion along its own route, and does not directly coordinate its adjustments with the other routes. The vehicle starts at the origin, at hpmework, i. One question that arises is, when is the KKT matrix K nonsingular?

The n components of y t might represent measurements of different quantities, or prices of different assets, at time period t. Give an interpretation of Bij in terms of the language. One situation where this problem comes up is a nonstandard filtering or equalization problem.

Please include this plot with your solution.

Rsa homework solutions

Each source emits the pollutant at some honework rate; we let xj denote the emission rate for source j. In this problem you will explore this idea.

Explain how to solve this problem. List each group solutionw equivalent statements on a line, in alphabetic order.

You will design a deconvolution filter or equalizer which also has FIR form: Concepts like nullspace, range, independence and rank are all defined in the obvious way for vector spaces over Z2.