Every problem must be carefully considered. This journal is very difficult, and I will refuse to submit it without review. Any lawyer worth his weight in blood should be able to find a loophole to this. I am waiting to hear from you immediately. I am meeting personally with my attorney this week so we may talk about you behind your backs and arrange modalities of money transfer.

Although Barnabas Roberts was struggling with a terrible illness, it seemed to me in the last weeks that he had found a new lease on life, a sudden burst of energy, as if some positive project had given him hope. In fact, I am running out of cash and am anticipating to leave by sunday or monday back to Nigeria. So now we are able to consummate our transaction with the Nigerian court. Thanks for your comprehensive mail concerning your brother Mr Pitt. Fri, 04 Oct Attention: I am a recluse and do not have fax available to me. Tell me your planned arrival time and I will make my plans to meet you at the airport.

You understand this was for my health, otherwise I may not have been in a position to complete our transaction. Tell Mr Loomis that I will meet when I come over. I have studied the material and have a wonderful counter-proposal to make that I believe will immediately convince you of its rightness.

Teach him a lesson! Please assure me that there have been no families lost on that road in the last days and I will breath easier. September 30, Dear Daniel, I realize the urgency of our venture.


Cover letter journal submission latex

I think that I will not continue bordering my humble self endeavouring to secure visa again. Until we have set up the Pitt Roberts Memorial Fund you must drive very carefully. Please send me your thoughts on this matter.

ejor cover letter

Fri, 04 Oct A matter of utmost urgency Date: Your prediction for next year: Maybe we can also open up the Pitt Roberts driving school. This will be an especially proud moment for me, and I suspect you will not forget it for a long while either.

As we both know from the documents at hand, we must move swiftly. So here is what I would covet you to do: Daniel Barnabas Collins To: I have all necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up for claim. I have not heard from you today, I hope you are okay?

Well, it has been a frustrating task. Please don’t hold things up. Management Science and Operations Research. Most sincerely yours, Barnabas. Waiting to hear from you soon. It is not necessary to include a cover letter.

Meanwhile, below is the Specimen of Application: Dear Barnabas, I am very sorry for not have communicated with you for two days now, really, I have been very busy with my clients in the law court. My second cousin Pitt a true-blue Roberts and I played together when ejot were young, and now I must hear that he is no longer with us.


The last e-mail I have from you is dated October 2nd, so you can see and understand my concern. Above all, I personally count on the will and blessing of the almigthy Cvoer to facilitate our plan and understanding, to produce not just success, but also peaceful sharing of the funds at the end of the day and a healthy family business relationship thereafter.

Cordially yours, Barnabas Roberts. Mijnherr, ik wens pannekoeken te eten. Regards Barnabas Ejor Daniel Subject: I suggest we shall meet in the Netherlands.


If I may be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. This is in keeping with the philanthropic spirit of our enterprise and I daresay upon the completion of our project you will gain greatly in respect among your colleagues and may even achieve a high position in the ministry of justice.

ejor cover letter

Mon, 07 Oct