Constructive comments are very valuable to the student. Remember, you can vary the discussion format: The essay is well organized, convincingly argued, and clearly expressed — a pleasure to read. Writing and Presenting Effective Lectures, pm B. The essay follows standard conventions of scholarly documentation. The student may express opinions, but does not support them with evidence or argument.

Faculty members and other T. A competent, accurate treatment of its topic but not as sophisticated as essays in the A range. It is virtually free of errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation, and uses the conventions of scholarly documentation correctly. A, instructor, or T. All course outlines should be forwarded to the Undergraduate Administrator for copying and will be charged to the Departmental account. Too many comments especially if they attempt to pinpoint a multitude of errors may well confuse.

english 1a03 essay

The size of each tutorial varies according to enrolment and departmental resources, but every attempt is made to keep the tutorials equal in size. The first set of graded essays should be submitted to your instructor for review before they are returned to the students.

Students will be introduced to the elements of the various genres and to a variety of interpretive approaches. As well as a written record, T.

AP United States History. Tutorials for 2nd and 3rd year courses will involve an informal discussion format, similar to that of first year courses.


english 1a03 essay

Detroit Red Wings coaches. Tutorials are intended to function as discussion groups.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

Should you require visual materials to use in your 1a30, these must be booked in advance through Library Services in Mills Library by the instructor. These office hours may be extended during essay-writing periods, but must average 8 hours per week. Departmental administrators are not permitted to act as intermediaries. Has serious inaccuracies or inconsistencies.

Shorter Genres A selection of shorter literary texts short stories, poems, essays will be studied. For all grading, including F grades, record a numerical mark as well as a letter grade consult conversion table provided on p. Chair twice per term. If you are having problems with time management, please consult your Senior T. Matters such as the following will be discussed: The essay is disjointed; some sentences may be convoluted and incomprehensible.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

If you would like to have an evaluative letter in your employment file, you may ask your assigned instructor to write one. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized 1a3. All Instructors in level-one courses will be allowed an extra free copies, larger elective courses will be allowed an extra free copies. The marks meeting will be included in the Hours of Work form as part of the T.


There will also be an informal meeting of Cultural Studies instructors fssay T. Writing Workshops should be advertised well in advance. The template will already have the percentages of the marking scheme for the particular course you are attached to encoded in it. They must ensure that the time allotted for each duty on the T. Forms available in CNH Sept.

english 1a03 essay

Designing Your First Course: The essay follows standard conventions of scholarly documentation. Please note that the T. Contained in this booklet are the marking scheme and criteria for grading for first year courses.

Assigned Instructors the instructor teaching your section of a course: These lists will of course be subject to change until after the drop and add period eszay.

See pages for a list of committee members and “Where to go with Problems”. Study the explanation of the grading system below carefully.