Practice for test on Monday, March 9th, The research paper booklet was distributed on September 18th, and originally due on November 21st, Media Assignment Stategies Terms Bandwagon The Catcher in the Rye to be read for Monday, October 20th, Personal Response will be written in class on Thursday, January 22, Speaking and Listening Instructions File Size:

The Cask of Amontillado File Size: Top 10 Marketing Failures: Media Assignments 1,2,3. Discussion Note Taking Sheets For students who missed initial test or wanted to upgrade mark 2.

Poetry Practice Test File Size: Midterm Table of Specs File Size: Exam Table of Specifications File Size: Useful Links Public Exams. Logo Baby and Advertising File Size: Arts and Letters Competition: Short Story questions are listed below. I urge all students to complete this assignment. Midterm Exam Review Sheet Poetry in Song Assignment File 320 Macbeth Summaries revised Choose first 8 images.

Childhood Obesity Questions File Size: The research paper booklet was distributed on September 18th, and originally due on November 21st, Midterm Exam Study Guide Visuals – in class group assignmen t completed by Monday, May 25th, Mood and Tone Handouts.


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English short story 6 happy man questions. Alternate assignment for Poetry Portfolio Unit posted in tab below.

english 3201 essay rubric

Personal Response Rubric File Size: Antigone Alternate Assignments Poetry Portfolio due on Tuesday, March 10th, English short story 1 moon questions. On the test date, students will write on their chosen quote, but will NOT be permitted to bring in or access materials or sources.

Methods of Development Chart File Size: English essay questions Google Classroom Instructions File Size: I’m 18 Alice Cooper File Size: English short story 5 passsenger questions. Students have been given 3 quotes in advance of the test.

english 3201 essay rubric

esasy Essay, due on Thursday, December 18th, Speaking and Listening Rubric File Size: Two weeks were spent in the computer lab in November working on this paper.

Anyone who missed writing it may write on Friday, April 17th, in room with me. The Cask of Amontillado File Size: Notes and 2 assignments contained within this booklet.