Support your opinion using facts from the book. Latino immigrants come to the United States with hope for a better life. Sherriff’s Journey’s End In five pages these plays are compared and analyzed in a consideration of irony and expectation as well as appearance versus reali What is the next chapter in the immigration debate? Amy Wright, Mar 18, , What does Enrique expect from his mother once he has found her?

How does she attempt to rectify her guilt when she gets to the states? Explain why it is so difficult for Enrique to be a good father. Write a paper that discusses the actions that Nazario wishes to inspire in her readers. How does it contribute to her failure as a student? What does Enrique expect from his mother once he has found her?

Trace the different names given to the train. If possible, interview one of these immigrants. Titles for consideration may include: Explain the following quote: Why does she kiss Belky good-bye, but find it too hard to face Enrique?

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Scientific American poses the questions: Esway sure to acknowledge the other side of the argument in your essay. A Conceptual Metaphor for Life considering the journey chronologically. What chance do his children have for a better life? Discuss the value of family in the Latino culture. Is it worth it for Enrique’s mother? Cite evidence that Aunt Rosa Amalia is correct that the separation from their mother has caused Enrique and Belky deep emotional wounds.


How is her life more stable than his?

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Instruct students to film or recite the dialogue in class. However, the evil nature of the people at the border is manifested through the fact that they cannot lend him any money. Is it good for the United States and its citizens?

Debate whether Enrique is surprised by the brutal attacks on migrants. How is his view of El Brujo different from other gang members?

The purpose of an Epilogue in a book is to add interesting developments since the book was written. Although he approached wnriques people, only a couple of drivers agreed to let him clean the vehicle.

enriques journey essay topics

Hence, Enrique was forced to earn a living by offering to wash cars. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

Enrique’s Journey

Download as Text File Printable Version. Encourage peer editing for clarity of ideas, spelling, and grammar. Ask the groups to share their quotes in class.

She has been named among the most influential Latinos by Hispanic Business magazine and among 40 women who changed the media business in the past 40 years by Columbia Journalism Review. An eight page research paper enriqyes the literary concept of the hero’s journey in this classic science fiction film by direct Why does their friendship end?


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What does the United States offer Latin American immigrants that they cannot get in their own countries? What is dssay ethnicity of the majority of immigrants in your state?

Have them write a paper about the assimilation issues of the immigrants in the film. Sherriff In five pages this paper discusses reality and appearance as each clashes in these literary works.

She is a freelance writer and free speech advocate. Also available in a handy-dandy PDF handout below. Consequently, he gets stuck at the border for several days. Write a esday essay about why the journey is worth it or not for both Enrique and the people in his life, as well as for migrants in general.