Henry tricks Peter into sneaking outside at night to see fairies. Henry realises that no matter how old you are, it’s still no excuse for bad behaviour. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Henry and Peter though, cannot decide on what name they want to call it! Henry is desperate to get a pound coin from the tooth fairy. Rabid Rebecca returns as Henry’s substitute teacher, and she’s come prepared this time! Henry and Peter are at war for tidy rooms in an attempt to go to their favourite restaurants.

Henry thinks that the visiting Bossy Bill is making Peter’s life a misery. Stuck-Up Steve tricks Henry into thinking the top floor bedroom in his mansion is haunted. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Henry’s genius homework excuses go too far when his class has to write the hardest essay they’ve ever been set. Dad’s time management plan for Henry’s family goes too far. Henry gets the Hiccups, and he could possibly break a world record in doing so! It is injection day at school.

Henry wonders why everyone is being secretive to him. Dad and Peter go paintballing.

Moody Margaret, Superstar [19] “. Select any poster below to play the movie, totally free!

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Henry’s school tries out School Uniform – to horrendous results. Henry accidentally spills Mum’s perfume on the night of her anniversary, so he and Peter must make a batch.


episode 11 horrid henrys horrible homework

Henry is banned from Trick-or-Treating after cutting Peter’s hair all off, but that does not mean he can’t still get his Tricks and Treats.

Henry turns detective to see who took hkrrible favourite teddy bear.

episode 11 horrid henrys horrible homework

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The Family go green and install a wind turbine. Henry invents a creature called a “Fangmangler”. This article needs additional citations for verification. Margaret tags along with Henry, Peter and Dad on a trip to the aquarium. Henry is desperate to get a Golden Gizmo.

Henry’s genius homework excuses go too far when his class has to write the hardest essay they’ve ever horird set. Thanks to yet another of Henry’s pranks, Peter thinks he’s becoming a werewolf. Henry always wants to be the lead part in a school play, but this time he clearly doesn’t!

Peter is on the way to win a singathon, but Moody Margaret wants a piece of the action as well! New Nick invites Henry over for a sleepover.

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Henry cheats in a computer test, and now everyone wants his computer knowledge. Henry gives Mum a spa session as a Mother’s Day present. Henry is forced to go on a countryside hike with his family when he’d much hofrible be watching TV.


Henry and Peter are in the kitchen, making a meal for Paul and Polly, who are looking after them for the day. Browse all our free movies and TV series. Henry imagines a world without any Ice Cream! Mum thinks that the family needs more exercise, so she enters the household into a Fun Run.

Watch Now With Prime Video. Full Cast and Crew. Peter is distraught when Fluffy the cat runs away.

Horrid Henry

Henry and Peter takes turns at being gardeners. Henry is after some money, so he aims to make some accidents on his family, but Moody Margret gets the better of him. This article or section contains close paraphrasing of one or more non-free copyrighted sources. Henry thinks running a School is like being King for the horriblee, only except it’s not! Mum voice Emma Tate

episode 11 horrid henrys horrible homework