She was not had lots of money but she had attention, confidence, trust and energy which helped her to gladly support poor people. Banasthali University Apply Now. Earlier, it was a Roman calendar which Give it to your wife, husband, children, neighbors and even strangers. A lot of people die from illnesses, but more can die because of the lack of love.

There were no people who did not hear about the Mother Teresa. If you are honest, be ready that people will lie, but you should be honest. Just smile and continue what you were doing before. Sharda University Apply Now. In this way she had started her religious life to help poor people. Our life is in our hands and we should not forget about it.

Please Help us to improve, Contact us. She started helping her mother in charity works in the church.

Mother Teresa

She accepted it, but she refused from the celebration and all money, that were prepared for this celebration she gave to the poor people. The door is always opened for you.

The Holi ezsay is the festival of colors. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded her for great works in It is established in by Mother Teresa. She was a lady with strong faith and trust in God and humanity. Not only the Christian religion but also other religious people believe in her and inspired her.


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After the rain there always be the sun, after your tears you will smile. She found the meals, clothes and places for the poor and ill people. She was sent a message from the God on her way to Darjeeling by train, to help the needy people. Finally she got a message to leave convent and serve needy people from the God on her way to Darjeeling on 10 th of September in When she started her own way, she did not have the money or the support of someone.

By the s she had become internationally well known as an advocate for the poor and helpless, due in part to a movie and book, Something Beautiful for God by Malcolm Muggeridge.

Mother Teresa Essay

Soon, the school become reality. She always had a kind smile on her face. She decided to be a dedicated nun in her early age and soon joined the Loreto order of nuns in the Ireland. Her birth name was Agnes Gnocchi Bojaxhin. Here are some of the awards which awarded her:. She involved in solving social issues and health issues of the poor people.

She had joined essay convent in the year and then came to India Darjeeling and then Exsay. She was the woman of deep faith, confidence and trust over the God. Guide for using medical cannabis – How to use medical cannabis?


essay about annai teresa

The good actions are very short, but their result is very long. She was born in the highly religious Roman Catholics family.

essay about annai teresa

She was well known of her social restrictions so she prayed to the God for getting some guidance and direction. Mother Teresa was the inspirational person who always works for the poor and sick people. Lovely Professional University Apply Now. tereea

essay about annai teresa

Mother Teresa in theory and practice. If you are the kind person, people can say, that you are a liar. In she got the Nobel prize. She had represented her whole life in front of us as a true mother by providing kind services of full dedication and love to the needy and poor people of the Indian society.

Because of this fact, she became very popular in all different countries. She was a member of religious Roman Catholics family.

If you open a lot of beauty and love in your heart, you will be able to see it in the other people.