Read our privacy guidelines. The clear exclusion of Muslim Mindanao from the economic gains of the whole area for more than three decades now has legitimized this demand for self-determination. The Americans easily assimilated the Christian Filipinos into their own system of government including their principle of separation of church and state. Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process. These events shape and form the collective identity.

A news report showing Pres. Join Us in calling for a dramatic expansion of efforts to limit the destructiveness of intractable conflict. Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. This falls under Lederach’s framework of “remembered history. They also view the provision as unconstitutional saying that the constitution must be amended since it only consent to one autonomous region in Mindanao viewing the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region as a distinct political entity to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The imperfections in the law are paid for or balanced by sustained constructive engagements with government and their agencies, including private institutions, as well as the international communities.

As I navigated my way with the Philippine government, working with high-ranking military and civilian officials, the issues were not as clear-cut as they would appear.

Another issue are the unconstitutionalities. In the case of the Bangsamoro, the fate of their people lies not only in legislation but in the long history of persuasion and perseverance. A video was released afterwards which showed Bnagsamoro fighters shooting the feet of a SAF member then shooting the head twice while taking the video.

Visiting various communities in the province, I saw how the people exsay tired of the fighting and only looking forward to havinge better lives. Retrieved March 19, Bangsamoro Society And Culture: The committee should review the sections.

Despite strong objections from Bangsamoro leaders, the United States would also eventually cede bzngsamoro the Philippine Republic areas it never owned nor conquered. It was enacted in The editor regrets the error. The arrival of Islam in the 11th century introduced a new way of life. Why is the budget of this region bigger compared to other regions in essxy Philippines?


In practice, however, the concept of autonomy appeared to be strict supervision and control by the Office of the President and the Philippine Congress. Most historians would agree that if it had not been for the arrival of Spain, the Philippines would be a Muslim country.

essay about bangsamoro law

It can be the dagger that ends the decades of war in Mindanao. They would vividly recall the March 7, Bud Dajo massacre [3] and June 13, Bud Bagsak massacre, wherein Moros who defied the payment of a head tax and the disarmament policy of the American occupiers were mercilessly killed.

For every possible resolution, there were many complications. Islam found its way to the rest of the country now known the Philippines, aabout established a stronghold and remained the faith for the last years among the 13 ethnolinguistic groups who later identified themselves as Bangsamoro. Peace processes may break down, it is the peace in each of us that will matter.

The purpose of this draft is to establish the new Bangsamoro political entity and provide for its basic structure of government, in recognition of the aspirations of the Bangsamoro people Article I, Section 3. The clear exclusion of Muslim Mindanao from the economic gains of the whole area for more than three decades now has legitimized this demand for self-determination. This is even less expensive compared to what the government would spend in years to come for the military artillery and compensation.


The best solution is to compromise. There were aboht more incidents like the Manili massacre but the government’s failure to stop these led many Muslims including some government officials to believe that the military was involved.

Bangsamoro Organic Law

Various cities and municipalities, notably Isabela City in Basilan and Zamboanga City have rejected their inclusion in the Bangsamoro region.

It is stated in the draft of esasy Basic Law that they shall be given a budget of 70 billion. By Nur Asmaa Zulkifli. By asking for their land back, the Bangsamoro People just want justice.

essay about bangsamoro law

It is clearly stated in the constitution that the state is subject to only one police, one comelec and a central commission on Audit. What we know now as the Bangsamoro struggle is a struggle for the Right to Self-Determination.

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The recently passed BOL is no exception, as it requires six municipalities and 39 barangays to not only vote yes to the plebiscite, but for their mother units to vote yes on their behalf as well. The congress and ad hoc committee cannot finish this law properly if the executive department keeps on pressuring them. Counter Hate and Malevolence – Part 1 — Hate, no matter how “justified” hurts us more than it helps us.

Diega is a political mapping officer at International Alert Philippines, an independent peacebuilding organization.