School children perform skits. On the day of Navruz, all housekeeping – including the preparation of the meal, careful cleaning of the home and the arrangement of blossoming branches from apricot, peach, almond or pomegranate trees – must be completed before the rising of the morning star. Heat grams of oil for each kilo of wheat. The history of Navruz The spring New Year’s holiday – Navruz, originated in Khorasan a historical region of Iran over years ago, almost simultaneously with the origination of agriculture, spread to all neighboring countries. Visa support to Uzbekistan. This day is a celebration of goodness, love and femininity.

March 21 is the main celebration, but for the next 13 days it is common practice to visit friends and relatives, buy and plant seedlings of fruit trees and have cheerful gatherings in the fresh spring air. Central Asia has its own Navruz traditions. The weather in these territories is not yet spring like in late March, so the holiday is somewhat different than in other regions. Many foreign visitors and tourists participate in various unforgettable traditional entertainments and representations. Sprouted grains are considered a symbol of life, well-being and health. During the festival one can travel in time and learn the ancient secrets of fire-worshippers’ rituals and shaman cults, make acquaintance with the life of the distinctive region where culture and traditions of ancient peoples have been well preserved. Uzbeks are expected to treat “Shumailaike” seriously.

Is the first day of New Year. Snowdrops are symbol of the New Year. This holiday in independent Uzbekistan is celebrated in honor of creation of own Army forces.

Navruz – the New Year by the natural calendar

Next, there must be candles. In majestic Square of Memory has been opened in capital of Uzbekistan on 9th May and since then Day of memory and honor on May, wbout is celebrated.


Many of us have similar feelings today, even though we understand the more scientific explanation: Nowruz – Oriental New Year Holiday. People at this time celebrate and widely mark this holiday with native and close behind the covered elegant table.

Pupils of schools and educational institutions deeply esteem all those who have given them the first vital knowledge. Holisay the process women dance, sing songs.

Navruz Holiday in Uzbekistan

On this day men give flowers and presents to their mothers, wives and daughters with their best wishes. For them, this is not just a holiday, it is a chance and an opportunity to start everything from scratch, forget all the bad things, forgive all grievances.

They also wore soft colors like blue and white. The horns and necks of oxen that will be used for abojt first plowing of spring fields are sometimes rubbed with aromatic oil. As this day marks the vernal equinox — the day is usually symbolized by the sun.

Many foreign visitors and tourists participate in various unforgettable traditional entertainments and representations. Crowds make an effort to touch this special pole. The activities of the first 13 days of the New Year are considered harbingers of the year to come.

Navruz Holiday

The weather in these territories is not yet spring like in late March, so the holiday is somewhat different than in other regions. The fifth festival held essa August attracted a record number of participants and visitors from over 50 countries.

It is a time for reconciliation, when forgiveness and cheerfulness are the dominant sentiments. The main tradition of Navruz is to cook famous dishes, which are so loved by children and adults. The government’s policy on Valentine’s Day could gain significant support “especially from naveuz older generation, who fear Western culture may undermine local values,” the political analyst said.


essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

We assure that it will not boring! Originally the festival of Navruz was the custom among farmers, and then through them it became the custom of settled and nomadic Turkic peoples. Originating in Persia and long associated with the ancient Zoroastrian religionits name means “new nqvruz in Farsi because for ancient Persians it marked the first day of the New Year.

Articles about Navruz in local and Central Asian travel magazines: Everyone at the table should be full and happy to ensure that the coming year will joliday safe and the crop will be plentiful. Before partaking of the Sumalak, you should read the Koran, and stir it once more.


All participants in the making of the Sumalak must wash themselves carefully in advance of preparation. On Nowruz the tables should be served in a special abundantly. Often prayers uzbeiistan accompanied by tying a brightly-colored ribbon around a pole sheathed with an emerald green cloth.

There is a variety of yearly festivals held in Uzbekistantoo. Such material is made available in an effort to advance understanding of country or topic discussed hooliday the article.

essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan

People esteems that who has taken place through many tests and difficulties in a life, has not regretted the life in the name of the Native land, and senior generation, which and today among us.

Mostly they are the same as those observed in Uzbekistan but the names are different. Remarkable sights of Uzbekistan.

essay about navruz holiday in uzbekistan