On Vesak Poya Day the entire country engages in the above acts. She has long hair. They signify the light of the Buddha, Dharma and the Sangha. He directed his mind in the path of meditation. In India, Vaishakh Purnima day is also known as Buddha Jayanti day and has been traditionally accepted as Buddha’s birth day.

He directed his mind in the path of meditation. Monks celebrate the special day by bottling holy water which symbolises humility and transporting flames which symbolize light and enlightenment from location to location. We must save whales for our sake and for the next generation. The Navy has taken extreme measures to help those affected. On Vesak day, devout Buddhists are expected to assemble in various temples before dawn for the ceremonial hoisting of the Buddhist Flag and the singing of hymns in praise of the holy triple gem:

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Retrieved 25 December Lord Buddha has said that helping the distressed, deprived, sick and infirm people is a great meritorious act. Whales unlike sharks, travel in groups. Many religious activities are organized during this period avout Sri Lanka. He relates lots of stories to us about other countries. They were hunted for whale oil. My best friend is Oshadhi. The right way to achieve the truth dawned on him one day.


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Wesak also known as Vesak is a significant and crucial aspect of Buddhism that is celebrated widely by many different countries including Thailand, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

I love my mother very much. Songs of devotion to Buddha are sung with free food stalls in place to bring joy veak pleasure to tourists and locals, setup by organisations and business people. Other Funday Times Articles.

essay about vesak festival in sinhala

She gives me healthy food to eat. This article is about a Buddhist festival.

On Wesak day thousands go by foot, sihhala, bus or car from dusk to dawn witnessing these pandals and other decorations. Our new class teacher. Many people have been donating clothes or sharing food. It is not a public holiday.

essay about vesak festival in sinhala

It has been recorded that He reached attained Enlightenment after 49 days of meditation. How to cite sinhalla page Choose cite format: Vesak in Sri Lanka is an experience not to be missed. It is a gift of nature.

Eesay the Temple is an important part of the Vesak Poya day activities of every Buddhist family. She is a housewife. She is very pretty. Traditionally, lamps have been fashioned out of clay or the skin of raw fruit such as papaya.


Abotu went in the red rollercoaster. It is a day for meditation and for radiating loving kindness. We make beautiful Vesak lanterns. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Vesak Festival in Sri Lanka

The Avengers, never to be forgotten. For the unrelated Hindu and Sikh new year festival, see Vaisakhi.

Registered inLakpura has been in operation ever since and has been accredited by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka. Retrieved 29 April Celebrating 30 Years of the Buddha Day Holidays, Celebrating Vesak also abou making special efforts to bring happiness to the unfortunate like the aged, the handicapped and the sick. Ahamed Sajahan 7 years Wesswood College, Katugastota.

essay about vesak festival in sinhala