Here is your short paragraph on my city Karachi: Your explanation is neither satisfying, nor assuring. Her train, called the Freedom Special, was 22 hours late because men at each station pulled the emergency cord, and begged her to speak. She joined the All India Muslim League and attended the annual sessions of the party. Fatima Jinnah – Simple English Wikipedia, the free The election showed that the people had no prejudice against women holding high offices, and they could be key players in politics of the country. After his death, Fatima was banned from addressing the nation until ; her radio address to the nation was heavily censored by the Liaquat administration.

Ayub Khan had the great advantage over all the candidates. In the s, she returned to the forefront of political life when she ran for the presidency of Pakistan as a candidate for the Combined Opposition Party of Pakistan COPP. US Muslim woman facing death threats after Sri Lanka misidentified her photo as bombing suspect. War is a menace, Give peace a chance. Although the Radio Pakistan administration maintained that the pauses in the transmission were due to specifically power outages, no one believed them. It had a nine-point program, which included restoration of direct elections, adult franchise and democratisation of the Constitution. Some historians indicate that the date of her death was actually July 2,

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The matter has also been highlighted in newspapers. War is a menace, Give peace a chance. The nation was orphaned, forever”. Jinnah died in Karachi on 9 July The elections were rigged in the favor of Ayub Khan. Full Urdu Essay on Fatima Jinnah for students.


Causes of Indian Mutiny of It was to be a 6 foot deep, 3 feet wide grave. She also played a significant role in the settlement of refugees in the new state of Pakistan.

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Urdu Poetry — Amjad Islam She also returned to towards the political life when she ran for the presidency of Pakistan. She encouraged ladies to come out and serve the people and to organise their sisters to enable them to play their role in the national life outside the confines of their own home.

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She dedicated her life to democracy and upholding the law. Cedrus deodara national tree Chukar partridge national bird Jasminum officinale national flower Mahseer national fish Markhor national animal. Retrieved 31 December The public was barred from attending the projection meetings, which would have enhanced Jinnah’s essy. Her constant care is about my health”.

Fatima Jinnah contributed in the social development sector has been ignored. Jinnah had detached herself from the political fatimaa that had plagued Pakistan after the founder’s death.

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Archived from the original on 1 April Later both carried on their independent works on Jinnah. Essay on fatima jinnah in english – cvexample. Despite her old age, she continued to help the social and educational associations. Had it been so, you would not have taken the trouble to apologise. The importance of this election lay in the fact that a woman was contesting the highest political office of the country.


essay miss fatima jinnah

She proclaimed her opponent presidential candidate, Ayub Mlss, a dictator. She was involved in politics side by side with her brother. This essay is very use full for Opinions expressed by the author do not represent the opinions of the publication To contribute, email your submissions to submit dailypakistan.

The official cause of her death was reported as heart failure, but evidence and accounts suggest she was fatina at her house. Retrieved 12 February Retrieved 14 April Elections were held on 2 nd January Fatima Jinna joined the Bandara convert in Bombay in where she remained in hostels as her parents had died.

Human Rights situation in Pakistan. After she qualified, Jinnah went along with her idea of opening a dental clinic in Bombay and helped her set it up in